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20:41                  Chiropractors.

20:43                  Dentists.

20:45                  Funeral service.

20:46                  Hearing aid dispensers.

20:47                  Physicians and surgeons.

20:48                  Nurses.

20:49                  Nursing home administrators.

20:50                  Optometry.

20:51                  Pharmacists.

20:52                  Physician assistants.

20:55                  Podiatrists.

20:61                  Advanced life support.

20:62                  Nurse practitioners and midwives.

20:63                  Athletic trainers.

20:64                  Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants.

20:66                  Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

20:67                  Wholesale drug distributors.

20:70                  Respiratory care practitioners.

20:72                  Audiologists.

20:76                  Massage therapy.

20:78                  Board of medical and osteopathic examiners.

20:79                  Speech-language pathologists.

20:82                  Genetic counselors.

20:83                  Nutrition and dietetics.

44:02                  Lodging and food service.

44:03                  Radiation safety.

44:04                  Medical facilities.

44:05                  Ambulance operation.

44:06                  Children's special health services.

44:09                  Public health statistics.

44:12                  Tattooing and body piercing.

44:14                  Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Repealed.

44:16                  Reserved.

44:17                  Imported food animals, Repealed.

44:18                  Health maintenance organizations.

44:19                  Newborn screening.

44:20                  Communicable disease control.

44:22                  Cancer data collection.

44:23                  Residential living centers.

44:24 to 44:56   Reserved.

44:57                  Drug Abuse programs, Transferred to Article 44:14.

44:58                  Drug control.

44:59                  Health laboratory.

44:61                  Medical education scholarships, Repealed.

44:62                  Declaratory rulings.

44:63                  J-1 visa waiver program.

44:64                  Health professional recruitment incentive program, Repealed.

44:65                  Fetal alcohol syndrome.

44:66                  Hospital charge reporting.

44:67                  Abortion facilities.

44:68                  State trauma care system.

44:69                  Birth centers.

44:70                  Assisted living centers.

44:71                  Rural healthcare facility recruitment assistance program.

44:72                  Redistribution of nursing facility beds.

44:73                  Nursing facilities.

44:74                  Nursing aide.

44:75                  Hospital specialized hospital and critical access hospital facilities.

44:76                  Ambulatory surgery center facilities.

44:77                  Adult foster care.

44:78                  Inpatient chemical dependency treatment facility.

44:79                  Inpatient hospice facilities.

44:80                  Residential hospice facilities.

44:81                  Immunization requirements for school entry.

44:82                  Community living home.

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