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20:59                  Social workers, Transferred.

20:60                  Psychologists, Transferred.

20:68                  Licensed professional counselors.

20:71                  Marriage and family therapists.

20:73                  Licensed professional counselor -- Mental Health.

46:01 to 46:03   Reserved

46:04                  Community Services.

46:05                  Alcohol and drug abuse, Repealed.

46:06 to 46:09   Reserved.

46:10                  Developmental disabilities services, Repealed.

46:11                  Developmental disabilities.

46:12                  Advocacy services, Repealed.

46:13                  Medication administration, Repealed.

46:14                  Developmental disabilities projects, Repealed.

46:15 and 46:16 Reserved.

46:17                  ICF/IID

46:18                  South Dakota Developmental Center--Custer, Repealed.

46:19                  Reserved.

46:20                  Mental health, Repealed.

46:21                  Human Services Center, Repealed.

46:22                  Case management of mental health services, Repealed.

46:23                  Reserved.

46:24                  Psychiatric inpatient data on minors.

46:25 to 46:29   Reserved.

46:30                  Rehabilitation services.

46:31                  Interpreters for the deaf.

46:32                  Itemized billing.

46:33                  Alcohol and drug professionals, Transferred to Article 20:80.

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