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          46:17:05:05.  Pharmacy services. All medications must be labeled according to current pharmacological practices, including precautionary and accessory instruction. Outdated drugs or those with worn labels or those that have been discontinued by a physician, physician assistant, or certified nurse practitioner must be removed from the medication supply of the person supported. The ICF/IID shall provide or make arrangements for the provision of routine and emergency medication to any person it serves. A pharmacist, with input from the interdisciplinary team, shall review the drug regimen of each person at least quarterly, report any irregularities in the person's drug regimens, and prepare a record of the drug regimen for each person, which the ICF/IID shall maintain.


          An individual medication administration record must be maintained for each person. As appropriate, the pharmacist shall participate in each person's support plan, either in person or through a written report to the interdisciplinary team.


          The ICF/IID shall have an organized system for drug administration that identifies each drug up to the point of administration. The system must assure compliance with SDCL chapter 36-11. This system must also address drug administration errors, reporting process, and correction procedures.


          Those staff administering medications must have completed an approved medication administration course. All medication must be administered in compliance with the physician's, physician assistant's, certified nurse practitioner's, or dentist's orders.


          Source: 26 SDR 96, effective January 24, 2000; 27 SDR 63, effective December 31, 2000; 37 SDR 69, effective October 18, 2010; 40 SDR 122, effective January 8, 2014.

          General Authority: SDCL 27B-2-26(3).

          Law Implemented: 42 C.F.R. ยง 483.460 (October 1, 2002).


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