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46:20:01        Repealed.

46:20:02        Repealed.

46:20:03        Repealed.

46:20:04        Repealed.

46:20:05        Repealed.

46:20:06        Repealed.

46:20:07        Repealed.

46:20:08        Repealed.

46:20:09        Repealed.

46:20:10        Repealed.

46:20:11             Repealed.

46:20:12        Repealed.

46:20:13        Repealed.

46:20:14        Repealed.

46:20:15        Repealed.

46:20:16        Repealed.

46:20:17        Repealed.

46:20:18        Definitions, Repealed.

46:20:19        Accreditation, Repealed.

46:20:20        Governance, Repealed.

46:20:21        Core service responsibilities, Repealed.

46:20:22        General management requirements, Repealed.

46:20:23        Environmental sanitation safety and fire prevention, Repealed.

46:20:24        Fiscal management, Repealed.

46:20:25        Personnel, Repealed.

46:20:26        Client rights, Repealed.

46:20:27        Financial eligibility, Repealed.

46:20:28        Clinical processes for mental health services, Repealed.

46:20:29        Outpatient services, Repealed.

46:20:30        Child or youth and family services (CYFS), Repealed.

46:20:31        Comprehensive assistance with recovery and empowerment (CARE), Repealed.

46:20:32        Community support services program -- Individualized mobile programs of assertive community treatment (IMPACT), Repealed.

46:20:33        Qualified mental health professional (QMHP), Repealed.

46:20:34        Preadmission screening and resident reviews (PASRR), Repealed.

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