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Rule 67:42:03:07.02 Training.

          67:42:03:07.02.  Training. A family day care provider and helper shall participate in a minimum of six hours of training every year. Three of the six hours of annual training may be from reading sources or televised or video programming. The training must be obtained from at least three of the following areas:


          (1)  Child growth and development;

          (2)  Detecting and reporting child abuse and neglect;

          (3)  Guidance and behavior management;

          (4)  Food handling techniques;

          (5)  Identification and prevention of communicable diseases;

          (6)  Program health and safety;

          (7)  Nutrition for children;

          (8)  Program management and regulation;

          (9)  Communication and relations with staff;

          (10)  Cultural diversity;

          (11)  Learning environments;

          (12)  Age appropriate activities and planning;

          (13)  Professionalism;

          (14)  Partnerships with parents;

          (15)  Inclusion of all children; and

          (16)  Basic first aid.


          Before an initial registration is issued, the applicant must complete and become certified in infant-child cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) through an entity that provides the applicant with hands-on skills testing as part of the training. The CPR certification must remain valid at all times.


          Any individual supervising children around a body of water and any helper being left alone to supervise children must meet the training and certification requirements for CPR as contained in this section.


          Before the department renews the registration certificate, the family day care provider shall supply the department with documented evidence that the provider and helper have completed the required training.


          Source: 15 SDR 162, effective May 4, 1989; 21 SDR 206, effective June 4, 1995; 31 SDR 40, effective September 29, 2004; 39 SDR 220, effective June 27, 2013.

          General Authority: SDCL 26-6-16.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 26-6-16.


          Cross-Reference: Water safety, § 67:42:03:20.


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