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Rule 67:48:05:07 Individual's rights -- Administrative disqualification hearing.

          67:48:05:07.  Individual's rights -- Administrative disqualification hearing. If the department notifies an individual suspected of committing an IPV that an administrative disqualification hearing is scheduled, the individual has the following rights:


          (1)  To examine the documents and records to be used at the hearing at a reasonable time before the date of the hearing as well as during the hearing;

          (2)  To present the case or have it presented by legal counsel or another person;

          (3)  To bring witnesses;

          (4)  To advance arguments;

          (5)  To question or refute any testimony or evidence, including an opportunity to confront and cross-examine witnesses; and

          (6)  To submit evidence to establish pertinent facts and circumstances in the case.


          Source: 28 SDR 111, effective February 20, 2002.

          General Authority: SDCL 28-1-61.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 28-1-61.


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