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CHAPTER 70:07:02



70:07:02:01        Classification and rating committee -- Membership -- Powers and duties.

70:07:02:02        Committee to keep record of proceedings.

70:07:02:03        Classification and maximum bidding capacity rating.

70:07:02:04        Procedure for obtaining classification and capacity rating.

70:07:02:05        Financial records confidential.

70:07:02:06        Time limit for statements.

70:07:02:07        Preference for work classification.

70:07:02:08        Work classifications.

70:07:02:09        Maximum bidding capacity rating.

70:07:02:10        Effective period of rating.

70:07:02:11        Determination of current bidding capacity of prospective bidders.

70:07:02:12        Allowable deductions for determining maximum bidding capacity rating.

70:07:02:13        Ineligibility for violation of laws, rules, or orders.

70:07:02:14        Repealed.

70:07:02:15        Ineligibility following grant of rating.

70:07:02:16        Procedure for review of decision of committee.

70:07:02:17        Reclassification procedure.

70:07:02:18        Forfeit of rating.

70:07:02:19        Renewal of prospective bidder prequalification.

70:07:02:20        Prior experience requirements.

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