2:01:10:01.  Definitions. Terms used in this chapter are defined as follows:

          (1)  "Commission," a committee composed of ten members including three ex officio members named and appointed pursuant to SDCL 23-3-28 and 23-3-30;

          (2)  "Executive secretary," an agent of the division of criminal investigation appointed by the commission to serve as executive secretary to the commission;

          (3)  "Polygraph," an instrument which records permanently and simultaneously a subject's cardiovascular and respiratory patterns or other physiological changes pertinent to the detection of deception;

          (4)  "Polygraph examiner," a person who uses a polygraph to test or question individuals for the purpose of detecting deception.

          Source: 11 SDR 135, effective April 14, 1985; 12 SDR 1, effective July 17, 1985.

          General Authority:SDCL 23-3-35(13).

          Law Implemented:SDCL 36-30-1.