2:01:13:05.  Standards for certification as a drug detection canine team. A drug detection canine team may be certified by the commission only upon the successful completion of the commission's training program that is administered by Law Enforcement Training which consists of a minimum 240-hour curriculum of training which includes the following subject areas:


          (a)  Drug detector dog handling;

          (b)  Daily care, maintenance, and first aid;

          (c)  Obedience and safety skills;

          (d)  Packaging and smuggling;

          (e)  Activity logs; and

          (f)  Statutes and caselaw.


          Source: 31 SDR 192, effective June 9, 2005; 32 SDR 225, effective June 26, 2006; 38 SDR 214, effective June 21, 2012; 44 SDR 158, effective May 7, 2018.

          General Authority: SDCL 23-3-35(1)(14).

          Law Implemented: SDCL 23-3-35.4, 23-3-35.5.