2:05:03:03.  Procedure for filing complaint requesting revocation of certification of 911 telecommunicator. A person may file a complaint requesting the revocation or suspension of the certification of a 911 telecommunicator. The complaint shall identify the 911 telecommunicator and allege as grounds for revocation or suspension, the statute or rule the telecommunicator has violated. The complaint must concisely state the relevant facts known to the complainant upon which the complaint is based and the relief and decision requested of the commission. The complainant must sign and verify the complaint to be true to the best of the complainant's knowledge, information, and belief. The complaint shall be filed with the executive secretary who shall transmit copies of it to the members of the commission and to the respondent telecommunicator.

          Source: 25 SDR 124, effective April 8, 1999.

          General Authority:SDCL 34-45-26, 34-45-29.

          Law Implemented:SDCL 34-45-24, 34-45-29.