CHAPTER 20:04:27



20:04:27:01               Authorization required for admission to veterinarian's facilities.

20:04:27:02               Tests of winner required.

20:04:27:03               Stewards or commission representative may require tests.

20:04:27:04               Transferred.

20:04:27:05               Person required to be present when specimen taken -- Penalty for failure to appear.

20:04:27:06               Repealed.

20:04:27:07               Persons who may take samples of medicines.

20:04:27:08               When action may be taken on chemist's report.

20:04:27:09               Possession of drugs, hypodermic needles, and illegal devices prohibited.

20:04:27:10               Notice of injections of horses by nonveterinarian required.

20:04:27:11               Interference with testing procedures forbidden.

20:04:27:12               Penalty for use of illegal substances.

20:04:27:13               Repealed.

20:04:27:13.01          Use of furosemide (lasix) permitted.

20:04:27:13.02          Endoscopic examination and eligibility for treatment.

20:04:27:13.03          Requirement for endoscopic examinations.

20:04:27:13.04          Repealed.

20:04:17:13.05          Repealed.

20:04:27:13.06          Repealed.

20:04:27:13.07          Requirements for administering furosemide (lasix).

20:04:27:13.08          Repealed.

20:04:27:13.09          Time frames for administration of furosemide (lasix).

20:04:27:13.10          Individuals responsible for horse after administration of furosemide (lasix).

20:04:27:13.11          Disciplinary action authorized for violations.

20:04:27:13.12          Repealed.

20:04:27:14               Restrictions on use of authorized drugs.

20:04:27:15               Chemist's test to constitute prima facie evidence.

20:04:27:16               Penalty for violation of permitted drug restriction.

20:04:27:17               Penalties for violations.