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State of South Dakota  

SENATE ENGROSSED   NO. SB236   -   2/19/97  

        Introduced by:  Senators Daugaard, Flowers, Kloucek, Munson (David), Paisley, and Reedy and Representatives Koetzle, Belatti, Cerny, Fischer-Clemens, Gabriel, Hagen, Lucas, Moore, and Pederson (Gordon)  

         FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act  to require the provision of certain closed captioning and interpretive television services.
     Section  1.  Terms used in this Act mean:
             (1)    "Closed captioning," services designed for persons with hearing disabilities that provide a live or prerecorded visual presentation of the sound associated with a given television program. Captioning services are not visible except on a television receiver designed to display them or by use of a specifically installed decoder;
             (2)    "Interpreter services," the relaying of any local news program to the general public through the use of qualified sign language interpreters. The interpreter services are accomplished by simultaneously broadcasting the sign language interpreter's actual person in the same visual frame as the local news announcer. The sign language interpreter simultaneously signs the contents of the local programmed news as it is spoken by the local news announcer;
             (3)    "Local broadcasting news program," any news program and local broadcasted

television programs produced in South Dakota, including sports, weather, emergency, legislation, education, governmental, health, and any other essential program;

             (4)    "Real-time closed captioning," any service similar to closed captioning but specifically used to reference the live captioning of live programs versus the captioning of prerecorded programs. These services are rendered simultaneously on a verbatim basis as a program is being broadcasted.
     Section  2.  Notwithstanding § §  9-35-16 to 9-35-24, effective July 1, 1998, all South Dakota based, local television stations, including South Dakota Public Television, KABY, KDLT, KCLO, KELO, KEVN, KSFY, KPLO, KTTW, and KOTA, shall provide closed captioning, or until closed captioning can be fully implemented in each local television station's broadcast, provide interpreter services, in the production and dissemination of all local news broadcasting programs. However, all South Dakota based, local television stations shall provide real-time captioning on all live local broadcasting news programs as defined in section 1 of this Act no later than July 1, 1999.
2/3/97 First read in Senate and referred to Commerce.   S.J.   282
2/11/97 Scheduled for Committee hearing on this date.
2/11/97 Commerce Do Pass, Passed, AYES 5, NAYS 2.   S.J.   386
2/12/97 Deferred to another day.   S.J.   414
2/14/97 Motion to Amend.   S.J.   454
2/14/97 Senate Do Pass Amended, Passed, AYES 21, NAYS 14.   S.J.   455
2/14/97 Intent to reconsider.
2/15/97 Reconsidered (vote by which passed/lost), AYES 32, NAYS 1.   S.J.   474
2/15/97 Deferred to another day.   S.J.   480
2/18/97 Motion to Amend.   S.J.   493
2/18/97 Senate Placed on Calendar.   S.J.   494
2/18/97 Motion to Amend.   S.J.   497
2/18/97 Senate Do Pass Amended, Passed, AYES 24, NAYS 10.   S.J.   498
2/18/97 Senate Title Amended.   S.J.   498