Public Employees

SB 3Election workers, exempts from unemployment compensation benefits.
SB 14Disaster relief services, specifies which state employees may be granted leave for.
SB 15State employees' donation of leave to others, amends restrictions.
SB 44Administrator and employees of SD Retirement System, revises compensation method.
SB 45Benefit improvements for SD Retirement System, provides.
SB 46Additional survivor protection in SD retirement system, increases choice period.
SB 47Early retirements in SD retirement system, amends reduction age.
SB 48Huron firefighters, allows participation in SD retirement system.
SB 49Interest on withdrawn contributions to SD retirement system, prorates.
SB 50Time to vest in SD Retirement System, reduces.
SB 51Annual improvement factor in SD Retirement System, prorates.
SB 169State employees' sick leave, allows additional donations.
SB 237Juries, allows government employees to sit on certain cases.
HB 1031Veterans' home employees, excludes from FTE requirements of budget bill.
HB 1097State employees' health insurance claims, allows direct appeal to circuit court.
HB 1141Publication of school district salaries, amends date.
HB 1169Brand board employees, excludes from career service.
HB 1207School districts' employees', requires health care coverage.
HB 1227Local governments' prospective employees, allows criminal record checks.
HB 1317State employees pay raise, makes appropriation from reserve fund.
HB 1326State employees' pay levels, requires study.

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