SB 1Real property valuation procedure revised.
SB 2Centrally assessed property assessment appeals, expenses may be awarded against the party who appeals and loses its appeal of the assessment.
SB 4Motor fuels excise tax increased.
SB 51Vehicle dealers subject to uniform tax administration procedure hearings.
SB 68Sheriff's fees for collecting taxes, increased.
SB 69Inheritance tax exemptions increased.
SB 83Funeral services and expenses, sales and use tax exemption.
SB 84Motor vehicle excise tax, exemption for older vehicles adjusted.
SB 87Property tax bill, annual tax bill information revised.
SB 92Library districts, formation and taxation authorized
SB 99Ambulance district, special assessment authority.
SB 104Real property assessed based on its acquisition value.
SB 110Tax returns and payments, electronic filing revised.
SB 111Professional employer organization, gross receipts taxed.
SB 116School district may apply for refund of certain taxes paid related to new construction.
SB 121Inheritance tax, child exemption increased.
SB 127School districts, financial arrangements with the Health and Educational Facilities Authority revised.
SB 129Agricultural structures, exemption increased for property tax.
SB 132Inheritance tax exemption revised.
SB 135Inheritance tax repealed and an inheritance tax reduction fund created.
SB 161Manufactured homes reclassified as real property for tax purposes.
SB 163Municipalities of the second and third class to receive sales and use tax.
SB 184Real property tax indexing factor revised.
SB 189Acquisition value used to assess property.
SB 199Owner-operated commercial business property, tax levy revised.
SB 205Tax levy revised for schools sending students to an adjoining school district.
SB 213County may adjust revenue from taxes under certain circumstances.
SB 224Tax incremental districts, school district actions regulated.
SB 231Tax imposed on the sale or transfer of bonds, stocks, securities and other things of value.
SB 232Certain contract services exempt from the sales and service tax.
SB 233Certain taxes and fees increased to provide funding for highway maintenance.
SB 241Excise tax on fuels increased and distributed to local government.
SB 245Additional alcohol tax imposed, with revenues going to counties submitted to the voters.
SB 250Ambulance district, special assessment authority.
HJR 1001Proposes an amendment to the Constitution to use the acquisition value of property to assess the value of property.
HB 1001Real property assessed based on its acquisition value.
HB 1065Trucker's tax repealed.
HB 1066Inheritance tax exemptions increased.
HB 1072School district transportation levy.
HB 1080Inheritance tax exemption and rate of tax revised.
HB 1106Railroads, certain tax benefits repealed and eminent domain authority revised.
HB 1110Video lottery revised, corporate income tax imposed, property tax relief and other provisions revised.
HB 1114Assessed valuation appeals by certain public entities, repealed.
HB 1119Food exempt from sales and use tax.
HB 1127Property in an improvement district exempt from tax.
HB 1131Inheritance tax repealed.
HB 1138Manufactured homes, method to compute local effort for state aid purposes revised.
HB 1140Property tax certificates, rate of interest decreased.
HB 1144Township roads, maintenance and repairs assessment increased.
HB 1145Membership organizations, certain ones exempt from sales and use taxes.
HB 1146Mobile home taxes, procedure to determine unpaid taxes revised.
HB 1150Sales and use tax, exemption for certain nonprofit organizations providing transportation services.
HB 1151School district, set the general fund tax levy.
HB 1155Motor vehicles, taxes and fees revised.
HB 1159Cash rent used to value agricultural land.
HB 1167Tax on cigarettes or other tobacco products increased.
HB 1174Excise tax on motor fuels increased to fund local government highway and bridge fund.
HB 1190Interstate shipments of wine regulated.
HB 1194Agricultural land, cash rent used to determine value.
HB 1209Inheritance tax exemptions increased.
HB 1220Wheel tax repealed.
HB 1232The definition of telephone company operating property applied retroactively to certain property.
HB 1236Sales tax on alcoholic beverages increased and distributed to counties.
HB 1241Motor vehicle wheel tax provisions revised.
HB 1252Agricultural structures, amount exempt from tax increased.
HB 1260Tax refunds for elderly or disabled persons.
HB 1266Requirements for owner-occupied classification revised.
HB 1275Sales and use tax increased, trucker's tax repealed, and other tax provisions revised.

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