Administrative Rules

SB 3Driver's education mandated and funded.
SB 15Inmate matters excluded from certain administrative procedures.
SB 22Vital records provisions revised.
SB 28Escrow fund established to pay tobacco claims.
SB 32Municipal initiative and referendum procedures revised.
SB 34Certificate for nomination, requirements revised.
SB 37Pipeline safety inspection program, federal references updated.
SB 39Safe drinking water provisions revised to comply with the federal safe drinking water act.
SB 42Park license required to enter certain areas in the state park system.
SB 46South Dakota Pharmacists Association and the Board of Pharmacy, the authority of each revised.
SB 50Life and health insurance, standards for advertisement and sale established.
SB 55Cost of care and treatment at the Human Services Center, method to calculate revised.
SB 60State trunk highway system, criteria established.
SB 61State trunk highway system, provisions for access revised.
SB 64Persons with developmental disabilities, laws revised.
SB 74Optometry, practice provisions revised.
SB 75Insurance fraud, prevention unit established.
SB 91Landowner preference, contiguous lands may be hunted.
SB 95Livestock packer transactions regulated.
SB 113Ethanol requirements for motor fuels established.
SB 116School district may apply for refund of certain taxes paid related to new construction.
SB 117Voter registration requirements repealed.
SB 120Value-added agriculture projects, REDI Fund financing authorized.
SB 124Railroad cars, reflective tape required.
SB 148Comprehensive health association established to provide insurance for eligible persons.
SB 153Labor disputes, settlement recommendations from Department of Labor provisions revised.
SB 154Public Utilities Commission, implementation of the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996.
SB 177Secured party access to the state's computer system to cancel liens, pilot program established.
SB 178Elderly nutrition programs, certain provisions repealed.
SB 180Bank of South Dakota created.
SB 183Loan guaranty program established to restructure agricultural debt.
SB 185Pork processing loan fund created and funded.
SB 193School term, definition revised.
SB 212Railroad construction permit, process revised.
SB 221Exchange of school lands, certain provisions revised.
SB 223State treasurer, ex officio voting member on boards or commissions.
SB 227Professional and other licenses, issuance and renewal prohibited if there is an unsatisfied small claims judgment against the applicant.
SB 230Predator control, certain devices for poisoning coyotes authorized for use.
SB 231Tax imposed on the sale or transfer of bonds, stocks, securities and other things of value.
SB 234Utilization review, certain provisions revised.
HB 1007Midwifery licensed and regulated.
HB 1011Managed care plans must provide reasonable access to providers.
HB 1037Motor carrier regulations and eligibility for certain permits revised.
HB 1038The system for issuing and selling licenses, permits and stamps by agents of the Department of Game, Fish and Parks, revised.
HB 1039Professional bird dog trainer defined for the purpose of licensing and certain big game licensing repealed.
HB 1041Special resident small game and fishing license, annual renewal requirement removed.
HB 1042Secretary of Commerce and Regulation may issue a restricted license under certain circumstances.
HB 1048Board of Chiropractic Examiners authority revised.
HB 1049Weights and measures standards updated.
HB 1057Department of Agriculture, certain fees, licenses and inspections revised.
HB 1058Board of Accountancy, authority revised.
HB 1067Driver's education mandated and funded.
HB 1069Revises uninsured motorist laws.
HB 1078Motor vehicle insurance premium discounts for persons fifty-five years of age or older who complete a safe driving course.
HB 1095Telecommunication services, certain Public Utilities Commission rule amended.
HB 1100Value-added agriculture fund established.
HB 1110Video lottery revised, corporate income tax imposed, property tax relief and other provisions revised.
HB 1117Hunting and fishing guides regulated.
HB 1125Establishes a bottle-recycling program.
HB 1128Bank borrowing, regulated.
HB 1159Cash rent used to value agricultural land.
HB 1162"A+ Schools Program" established.
HB 1176License plates and stickers, fee for mailing.
HB 1197Commodity checkoff programs, organizational relationship to state government amended.
HB 1201Video lottery provisions revised and repealed.
HB 1214Safety zone established around certain dwellings adjacent to public hunting areas.
HB 1218South Dakota First loan program for postsecondary education created.
HB 1228Hepatitis B vaccinations required before entering the seventh grade.
HB 1234Livestock packer transactions regulated.
HB 1236Sales tax on alcoholic beverages increased and distributed to counties.
HB 1240Certain commodity checkoff programs declared to not be state agencies.
HB 1244South Dakota Board of Education must promulgate rules regarding tuition rates for technical institutes.
HB 1263Agricultural chemical response fund established.
HB 1266Requirements for owner-occupied classification revised.
HB 1269Primary elections, may vote across party lines.
HB 1280Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, enacted.
HB 1283Certain professions relating to architecture, engineering, and land surveying regulated.
HB 1287Livestock ownership inspection fee, increase authorized.
HB 1299Certain health professions, practice revised.

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