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Doug Kazmerzak

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1161 increase the amount of motor vehicle liability insurance or proof of financial responsibility the owner of a motor vehicle must maintain to cover certain property damages occurring in an accident.
HB 1174 increase the excise tax on certain motor fuels and to deposit the increased revenue in the local government highway and bridge fund.
HB 1175 increase and revise license fees for certain noncommercial vehicles and to revise the distribution of such fees.
HCR 1018 Calling upon the United States Congress and the Legislatures of Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska to assist in the development of locally-owned facilities for meat and grain processing.
SB 155 prohibit advertising of the lottery.
SB 165 prohibit the assessment of a technology fee in the sale of certain seed and to provide a penalty therefor.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1065 exempt certain transportation services from sales and use tax.
HB 1072 provide for a school district transportation levy.
HB 1073 limit Board of Regents tuition and fees increases to the rate of inflation.
HB 1083 revise the procedure for accepting certain bids.
HB 1100 establish the value added agricultural fund, to provide for its disbursement, and to appropriate certain sales and use tax collections to the fund.
HB 1110 restrict the locations where video lottery machines may be placed and to increase sales and use taxes.
HB 1124 establish the Governor's Scholars Program and to make an appropriation therefor.
HB 1133 appropriate money for student incentive grants and tuition equalization grants.
HB 1155 revise the basis upon which certain noncommercial motor vehicle license fees are determined, to increase the fees over a certain time period, and to revise certain provisions regarding a wheel tax on motor vehicles.
HB 1158 allow counties to participate in a simulated election.
HB 1159 use cash rent to determine the value of agricultural land and to repeal the nonagricultural acreage classification.
HB 1197 revise certain provisions related to the organizational characteristics of certain commodity check-off programs.
HB 1198 revise certain provisions regarding the expenses of state officers and employees which are reimbursable.
HB 1215 provide for the continuation at the state level of certain federal commodity checkoff programs and to allow certain state checkoff programs to temporarily suspend the collection of checkoff assessments.
HB 1216 require any person contesting a legislative election to first exhaust all statutory remedies.
HB 1234 regulate certain livestock packer transactions.
HB 1240 declare that the South Dakota Oilseeds Council, the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, and the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, are not agencies of the State of South Dakota, to repeal their rulemaking authority, and to revise other provisions relating to them and the Department of Agriculture.
HB 1261 revise certain insurance requirements for vehicles.
HB 1267 establish certain wage requirements for the recipients of REDI fund loans.
HB 1268 establish certain benefit requirements for the recipients of REDI fund loans.
HB 1286 revise certain provisions pertaining to the labeling of foreign meat.
HB 1303 limit the liability of local government agencies and their employees for year 2000 litigation.
HB 1304 repeal certain provisions restricting the disclosure of state information about private entities.
HC 1003 Honoring the memory of Mr. Ted Hustead, founder of South Dakota's famous Wall Drug in 1931.
HC 1011 Honoring Ms. Dayna Smith, a native of South Dakota and a photojournalist for the Washington Post, for winning the 1998 World Press Photo of the Year competition.
HCR 1003 Recognizing an agriculture crisis day.
HCR 1009 Declaring June 1999 as Obesity Awareness Month.
HCR 1010 Urging Congress to inform the public of the costs of long-term care and to promote coverage of individuals under long-term care insurance.
HCR 1020 Expressing the Legislature's condolences upon the occasion of the death of J.D. Kesling.
HJR 1002 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election a new section to Article XI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, imposing an individual and corporate income tax; exempting food, utilities, residential heating fuel, certain intrastate transportation services, collection and disposal of solid waste, and auction goods from sales and use taxes; providing property tax relief through the general fund levy of a school district; and increasing state aid to education.
HR 1001 Proposing that the Honorable John Thune, member of the United States House of Representatives, be made an honorary member of the House of Representatives of the Seventy-fourth Session of the South Dakota Legislature on the sixteenth day of February 1999.
SB 69 increase certain inheritance tax exemptions.
SB 84 adjust the value of certain motor vehicles that are exempt from motor vehicle excise tax.
SB 100 exempt the purchase and repair of farm machinery, farm attachment units, and irrigation equipment from sales and use tax.
SB 113 require the sale of oxygenated gasoline and to revise certain provisions related to ethanol.
SB 116 provide for a refund of certain taxes attributed to the construction of a new or expanded school district facility.
SB 119 exempt repair services performed on farm machinery, farm attachment units, and irrigation equipment from sales and use tax.
SB 120 authorize REDI fund loans for certain value-added agricultural projects and activities.
SB 121 increase certain inheritance tax exemptions.
SB 123 exempt the gross receipts from veterinarian services, animal specialty services, livestock semen, certain transportation services, certain auctions, and newspaper subscriptions from sales and use tax.
SB 125 permit the use of home detention programs for certain nonviolent offenders.
SB 139 establish certain Legislative findings with regard to Article XXIX, section 1 of the Constitution.
SB 146 revise the term of employment for a county highway superintendent.
SB 148 establish a comprehensive health association to provide insurance coverage to eligible persons.
SB 151 revise certain provisions regarding the prices for residential and business local exchange service that may be charged by certain telecommunications companies.
SB 158 appropriate money for the South Dakota Agriculture and Rural Leadership program.
SB 159 require railroads to build and maintain fences on newly acquired right-of-ways.
SB 164 prohibit certain practices by certain livestock packers and live poultry dealers.
SB 184 revise the procedure for applying the index factor to the amount of revenue payable from taxes on real property within a taxing district.
SB 208 create the Postsecondary Education Advance Payment Plan Task Force.
SB 212 revise certain provisions regarding the grant of a permit to construct a railroad.
SC 4 Recognizing and commending the 41st Annual Schmeckfest in Freeman, South Dakota.
SC 7 Honoring the 1998 Gregory Gorillas High School football team and the students and staff involved in the football program.
SC 8 Honoring the 1998 Wagner Red Raiders High School girls' basketball team and the students and staff involved in the girls' basketball program.
SC 13 Honoring the late Robert Penn, who passed away on February 7, 1999, for his artistic contributions to American Indian culture and the State of South Dakota.
SCR 4 Requesting certain actions by the federal government to protect the agricultural economy of the United States
SCR 8 Expressing opposition to the proposed merger between Cargill, Incorporated and Continental Grain Corporation.
SCR 14 Declaring March 14, 1999, as James Stoick Day.
SCR 15 Encouraging the resolution of all unresolved aspects of the Dakota, Minnesota, and Eastern's proposed expansion.

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