Senate Standing Committees
** Denotes Chair, * Denotes Vice-Chair

Agriculture and Natural Resources (9)
**Dunn (Jim), *Vitter, Brosz, Brown (Arnold), Halverson, Ham, Kloucek, Reedy, Symens

Appropriations (10)
**Frederick, *Drake, Benson, Bogue, Dennert, Duxbury, Hainje, Kleven, Lange, Staggers

Commerce (7)
**Shoener, *Daugaard, Lawler, Olson, Paisley, Valandra, Whiting

Education (7)
**Everist, *Brosz, Ham, Hutmacher, Olson, Paisley, Reedy

Government Operations and Audit (3)
**Kleven, *Bogue, Moore

Health and Human Services (7)
**Brown (Arnold), *Albers, Dunn (Jim), Kloucek, Lawler, Madden, Valandra

Judiciary (7)
**Whiting, *Daugaard, Dunn (Rebecca), Everist, Flowers, Moore, Munson (David)

Legislative Procedure (7)
**Halverson, *Rounds, Flowers, Hutmacher, Olson, Paisley, Whiting

Local Government (7)
**Ham, *Shoener, Dunn (Rebecca), Kloucek, Madden, Reedy, Vitter

Retirement Laws (5)
**Albers, *Rounds, Brown (Arnold), Lawler, Olson

State Affairs (9)
**Halverson, *Rounds, Dunn (Jim), Everist, Hutmacher, Lawler, Munson (David), Symens, Whiting

Taxation (9)
**Paisley, *Brosz, Albers, Brown (Arnold), Daugaard, Flowers, Moore, Olson, Valandra

Transportation (7)
**Munson (David), *Vitter, Flowers, Madden, Moore, Shoener, Symens