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Bills Vetoed

Bill Title Type Disposition
HB 1030 An Act to revise the rehabilitation services provided at public cost to disabled and visually impaired persons based on economic need to include postsecondary tuition and fees. Style and Form Agreed To
HB 1073 An Act to revise certain procedures related to livestock brands, proof of livestock ownership, and livestock ownership inspection. Sustained
HB 1144 An Act to revise certain provisions relating to child custody. Sustained
HB 1166 An Act to prohibit local regulation of certain motor vehicle exhaust brake systems. Sustained
HB 1196 An Act to authorize the funding of textbooks through the school capital outlay fund. Overridden
HB 1218 An Act to prohibit directed suretyship. Sustained
HB 1247 An Act to revise the requirements for volunteer firefighters to become eligible for workers' compensation and to update a reference used to determine impairment. Sustained
HB 1279 An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the tobacco prevention and reduction program. Style and Form Agreed To
HB 1295 An Act to allow certain interstate shipments of wine. Sustained
SB 44 An Act to provide reciprocity for the licensing of insurance producers. Style and Form Agreed To
SB 175 An Act to exempt from sales and use tax certain contract services provided to agricultural producers by an agent of a parent company through a local contracting entity. Sustained
SB 179 An Act to revise the appeal procedure concerning the factor used for valuing agricultural and nonagricultural property. Sustained
SB 212 An Act to revise certain provisions regarding reduced tuition for certain state employees. Sustained
SB 228 An Act to provide for DNA testing for certain inmates for the purposes of determining whether they may have been wrongfully convicted. Sustained
SB 239 An Act to establish the regents scholarship program and provide for its funding. Sustained

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