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Matt McCaulley

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1111 provide for alternative teacher certification.
HB 1202 provide for the recovery of reasonable attorney's fees and costs in actions for deceit.
HB 1237 authorize certain students in alternative instruction to participate in public school interscholastic contests and competition.
HB 1267 eliminate the confidentiality provisions concerning certain video lottery information and require certain reports.
SB 123 adopt the Uniform Partnership Act and to repeal conflicting provisions.
SB 167 provide for enhanced penalties if child abuse results in serious bodily injury to a child.
SB 208 allow persons with advanced degrees to teach in the long distance learning system.
SC 10 Honoring the memory of Arthur Roy McDonald and his fifty-eight years of life.
SJR 2 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election amendments to Article XI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota to prohibit the taxation of income except on banks or financial corporations.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1109 permit the detention in an adult jail of certain juveniles convicted as adults.
HB 1110 criminalize the delivery of certain contraband to juvenile detention facilities and to revise the definition of contraband with regard to certain correctional facilities.
HB 1117 provide for the issuance of a motor vehicle title under certain conditions to a person who has repaired a motor vehicle and has not been paid.
HB 1118 extend the time period during which previous driving while intoxicated convictions may be considered for determining subsequent offenses.
HB 1119 authorize certain vehicles in the possession of a dealer's car auction agency to be moved with a permit.
HB 1147 revise certain eligibility restrictions relating to secondary school extracurricular activities.
HB 1156 permit the consolidation of certain special elections on referendum petitions with the special election on April 10, 2001, and to declare an emergency.
HB 1159 require an individualís written authorization before money is contributed to an association for a political purpose.
HB 1170 prohibit the tampering with anhydrous ammonia and to provide a penalty for a violation thereof.
HB 1190 provide that the free exercise of religion is protected.
HB 1203 appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute and to declare an emergency.
HB 1204 provide for certain combined school and municipal elections.
HB 1221 revise the financial disclosure requirements for lobbyists and employers of lobbyists.
HB 1236 authorize auction agencies to accept for sale vehicles owned by vehicle manufacturers under certain conditions.
HB 1239 authorize certain persons to carry handguns who are authorized to carry handguns in other states.
HB 1241 revise the elements of the crime of stalking to include certain forms of harassing communications.
HB 1243 revise the definition of adjusted average daily membership in the state aid to education formula.
HB 1246 prohibit the occupation of a motor vehicle knowing that any controlled drug or substance is illegally being stored or used therein and to provide penalties therefor.
HB 1252 establish a statewide voter registration file, to make an appropriation therefor and to declare an emergency.
HB 1256 provide that students who graduate early be counted in a school district's average daily membership for the entire school term.
HB 1265 revise certain provisions regarding the payment of restitution by a defendant.
HB 1276 require historical or educational municipal corporations to maintain their property.
HB 1297 transfer funds from the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission gross receipts tax fund for home heating assistance funding, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
HCR 1002 Petitioning South Dakota's United States Senators to vote in favor of the confirmation of Attorney General nominee John Ashcroft.
HCR 1005 Recognizing February sixth as Kids Voting Day in South Dakota.
HCR 1014 Urging awareness and support for reading and reading programs in our homes and communities.
HCR 1025 Requesting that the Governor of the State of South Dakota, along with the Legislature, continue to take appropriate fire prevention measures to address the catastrophic fire risk that exists on the federally-held national forests and state lands of South Dakota.
HCR 1026 Urging South Dakota's United States Senators and Representative to authorize and appropriate funds to support the expansion of utility and roadway infrastructure in conjunction with the construction of Interstate Highway 90, Exit 67 and the arterial road servicing Ellsworth Air Force Base and the City of Box Elder, South Dakota.
SB 91 exempt certain school district employees from the requirement for certain background checks.
SB 93 revise certain provisions related to the investment of permanent school funds and to declare an emergency.
SB 94 establish a statute of limitations for veterinary services.
SB 107 revise and update certain provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code.
SB 154 increase the penalty for practicing law without a license.
SB 155 revise certain provisions concerning the termination of life estates and joint tenancies.
SB 181 revise certain provisions relating to underinsured motorist coverage limits.
SB 187 revise certain provisions relating to comparative negligence.
SB 189 provide for certain penalties for leaving a gasoline station before making payment on motor fuel.
SB 228 provide for DNA testing for certain inmates for the purposes of determining whether they may have been wrongfully convicted.
SC 3 Commending and honoring South Dakotans who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps.
SC 8 Honoring the memory of Captain Donald Smith, United States Army Air Corps.
SC 9 Honoring the memory of Thomas Anthony Francis Iversen and his forty-six years of life.
SCR 3 Supporting the conversion of the underground mine and portions of the surface mining facilities at Homestake Mine in Lead, South Dakota, to a National Underground Science Laboratory operated by the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology for the National Science Foundation.
SCR 11 Expressing the Legislature's condolences upon the death of Laska Schoenfelder.

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