Committee Agenda

Committee:    Senate Commerce
Room:    413
Date:    Tuesday, January 22, 2002
Time:    10:00 AM

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         SB 58     establish a nursing workforce center under the direction of the Board of Nursing and to provide funding through a fee assessed upon nursing license renewal.
             Senators Brown (Arnold), Albers, Cradduck, Daugaard, Diedrich (Larry), Everist, Greenfield, Ham, Hutmacher, McCracken, McIntyre, Moore, Munson, Olson (Ed), Putnam, Reedy, Sutton (Dan), Symens, and Vitter and Representatives Michels, Davis, Frost, Fryslie, Glenski, Hunhoff, McCoy, Pitts, Solum, and Van Etten

         SB 72     increase the renewal fee for insurance producers and to revise the renewal period from annual to biennial.
             Senator Diedtrich (Elmer) and Representative Frost

         SB 80     revise certain provisions related to the examination required for physician licensure.
             Senators Olson (Ed), Albers, Brosz, Brown (Arnold), Diedtrich (Elmer), Hagen, McCracken, Putnam, Sutton (Dan), Symens, and Vitter and Representatives Hansen (Tom), Bartling, Burg, Duniphan, Frost, Juhnke, Murschel, Peterson (Bill), Sebert, Teupel, Van Etten, Van Gerpen, and Wick

         SB 103     require contractors to have surety bonds or to notify the person or entity that there is not a surety bond.
             Senators Olson (Ed), Apa, Bogue, Brosz, and Koetzle and Representatives Derby, Flowers, Fryslie, Hansen (Tom), Hundstad, and Jaspers

         SB 104     exempt certain motor vehicles used to transport inventory replacement vehicles to a dealer's principal place of business from the requirement to be licensed as a commercial motor vehicle.
             Senators Olson (Ed), Diedrich (Larry), Diedtrich (Elmer), Duxbury, Hagen, and Staggers and Representatives Abdallah, Flowers, and Pummel

         SB 106     provide a privilege for insurance compliance self-audits.
             Senators Diedtrich (Elmer), Brown (Arnold), Greenfield, Munson, Olson (Ed), and Sutton (Dan) and Representatives Olson (Mel), Begalka, Broderick, Burg, Lange, Pederson (Gordon), Sebert, Solum, and Valandra

         SB 108     require the acceptance of certain uniform life insurance request forms.

             Senators Sutton (Dan), Brown (Arnold), Diedtrich (Elmer), Hutmacher, McIntyre, Reedy, and Symens and Representatives Garnos, Bartling, Pitts, Slaughter, and Teupel

         SB 110     revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of vehicle dealers.
             Senators Munson, Albers, Diedtrich (Elmer), Hagen, Olson (Ed), and Vitter and Representatives Broderick, Abdallah, Brown (Richard), Flowers, Pummel, and Solum

NOTE: The above bills will be taken up in this order for a hearing on the date noted. If circumstances do not permit a hearing on this date then a hearing will be held at a future meeting of the committee to be determined by the chair. Action on a bill may come at any time after it has had a hearing.


         SB 29     revise certain fees for special inspections and examination of certain weighing and measuring devices and certain standards and testing equipment.
             The Committee on Commerce at the request of the Department of Commerce and Regulation