Bills Sponsored

Arnold M Brown

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1092 provide resident tuition rates for certain nonresident National Guard members and to revise certain tuition benefits for resident National Guard members.
HB 1243 revise certain provisions regarding family day care homes and unregistered family day care homes.
HB 1246 create the South Dakota senior citizen pharmaceutical assistance program.
HC 1005 Commending and honoring the 2000-2001 Outstanding School Administrators of South Dakota: John LaFave, Pollock, School Superintendents Association; Sheila DeSmet, Vermillion, Business Officials Association; Richard Brubakken, Brookings, Elementary School Principals Association; Kevin Segrud, New Underwood, Secondary School Principals Association; Dan Neiles, Brookings, Secondary/Middle School Principals Association; Cleo Edeburn, Brookings, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development; and Lyn Heidenson, Brandon, South Dakota Council of Administrators of Special Education for being named outstanding administrators by their respective administrator parent groups.
HC 1013 Commending and honoring Phyllis Petersen for her outstanding service to the Legislative Research Council.
HCR 1009 Urging congressional approval of military retirement pay and veterans' disability compensation.
SB 58 establish a nursing workforce center under the direction of the Board of Nursing and to provide funding through a fee assessed upon nursing license renewal.
SB 111 revise per diem for certain legislative committees and to declare an emergency.
SC 4 Honoring 4-H clubs and 4-H members on the centennial celebration of the founding of 4-H.
SC 23 Honoring South Dakota's Lieutenant Governor Carole Hillard for her career in public service.
SC 24 Honoring the memory of Senator Harold W. Halverson and lamenting his untimely passing.
SCR 15 Honoring Governor William J. Janklow for his service to the State of South Dakota.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1071 authorize the continuation of a pilot program granting secured parties access to the state's computer system.
HB 1099 require legal newspapers to print obituaries without charge.
HB 1103 revise the license applications fees and renewal fees for real estate licensees.
HB 1106 revise certain provisions regarding the confidential nature of peer review activities of physicians.
HB 1110 consolidate the categories of real estate licenses.
HB 1112 allow school boards to initiate a vote relating to the imposition of an excess tax levy.
HB 1116 prohibit a person from being on the general election ballot for President or vice-president and another office.
HB 1117 provide rule-making authority regarding the use of credit histories by insurers when underwriting or rating certain insurance applications or renewing insurance policies.
HB 1132 establish a Children's Mental Health Task Force.
HB 1168 provide for a study of the legislative article and related legislative provisions of the South Dakota Constitution.
HB 1172 modify the duration period and signing requirements for vehicle weight restrictions.
HB 1183 increase the fund balance percentage in order to qualify for certain special education funding.
HB 1192 clarify that the court may speak with children without parents or attorneys present regarding visitation matters.
HB 1193 provide for an award of attorney fees and costs in custody and visitation modification hearings under certain circumstances.
HB 1194 require driver education students to take driver license test.
HB 1209 revise the qualifications for an owner-occupied single-family dwelling classification.
HB 1210 consider the value of certain insurance checks when calculating the purchase price of a motor vehicle.
HB 1216 authorize shareholders to vote and to make certain other communications by electronic means.
HB 1236 declare a disaster in certain federal forest areas and to authorize state and local remedial action.
HB 1248 increase the tax on cigarettes and to dedicate the proceeds.
HB 1258 establish a tuition reimbursement program for nurses.
HB 1279 establish the South Dakota Municipal Facilities Authority, to provide for the establishment of one or more special purpose corporations by the South Dakota Municipal Facilities Authority, to establish the powers of the South Dakota Municipal Facilities Authority and each such corporation, including the power to acquire, own, lease, sublease and dispose of certain land, improvements and capital equipment comprising all or a portion of any municipal facilities, including any system or part of a system of waterworks, sewage or waste disposal, and to establish or confirm the powers and liabilities of the state, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Board of Water and Natural Resources, the South Dakota Conservancy District and municipalities and other public entities of the state in connection therewith.
HB 1291 revise the requirements for obtaining a specialty license plate organizational decal.
HB 1295 provide for the voters' consideration of a proposed constitutional amendment to Article XVII in June 2002, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
HC 1004 Honoring and commending the members of the South Dakota National Guard.
HC 1007 Honoring and supporting the South Dakota Humanities Council, on the occasion of their thirtieth anniversary.
HC 1010 Honoring United Nations Ambassador and former United States Senator George McGovern for service to South Dakota and the United States.
HC 1015 Commending and honoring Julie Dangel of Scotland, South Dakota, for being selected as the 2001 "Nurse of the Year" by the South Dakota Healthcare Association Nursing Council.
HCR 1001 Requesting the United States Congress not to attempt to repeal or rescind any of the tax relief legislation passed by the United States Congress in May 2001.
HCR 1004 Urging the study of the problem of teenage in-vehicle drinking and drug use.
HCR 1008 Supporting the Kids Voting Program.
HCR 1012 Urging a reconsideration of the Food and Drug Administration's approval of mifepristone (RU-486), an investigation into the process followed in approving this drug, and a reassessment of the drug's safety.
HCR 1013 Recognizing Ellsworth Air Force Base personnel as an outstanding component of our nation's defenses.
HCR 1016 Encouraging local law enforcement agencies to adopt community policing practices.
HCR 1020 Requesting a discussion of the problems existing between the State of South Dakota and the federal government on issues of state and federal powers and responsibilities.
HCR 1022 Supporting the National Motto of the United States.
HCR 1027 Encouraging South Dakota's delegation in the United States Congress to pass an economic stimulus package that creates jobs and ensures a strong economy for America's future prosperity and security.
HCR 1029 Expressing the support of the Legislature for the South Dakota Math, Science, and Technology Council.
HJR 1007 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article III, section 5, of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota to clarify the responsibility of the Legislature to provide for its own apportionment.
HJR 1008 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election an amendment to Article XXI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to hunting, fishing, and trapping.
HJR 1009 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the June 2002 primary election amendments to Article XVII of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to restrictions on corporate farming.
SB 51 increase certain license and renewal fees assessed to chiropractors.
SB 75 designate certain areas as drug-free zones.
SB 80 revise certain provisions related to the examination required for physician licensure.
SB 90 appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute.
SB 94 permit the posting or display of the United States flag, giving the pledge of allegiance, and singing the national anthem.
SB 106 provide a privilege for insurance compliance self-audits.
SB 108 require the acceptance of certain uniform life insurance and annuity request forms and to revise certain provisions regarding the required disclosure provisions in health insurance policies.
SB 113 provide for the state to transfer its reversionary interest in certain real estate in Lake County, commonly known as Camp Lakodia.
SB 119 provide for the establishment of a no telephone solicitation contact list.
SB 121 revise certain provisions regarding the family exclusion for auto insurance coverage.
SB 137 allow local units of government to regulate tobacco products.
SB 148 revise and extend certain provisions relating to the licensure of drivers who have experienced epileptic, narcoleptic, or other convulsions, seizures, or blackouts.
SB 151 regulate deferred presentment service transactions.
SB 156 provide for the revision of the South Dakota Family Farm Act of 1974 to conform with a proposed amendment to the South Dakota Constitution regulating corporate farming in South Dakota.
SB 161 revise the definition of certain entities exempt from sales tax.
SC 1 Honoring Coleen C. Keffeler of Sturgis on her selection as National Teacher of the Year for Career and Technical Education.
SC 5 Honoring Jeffrey Lukens of Sioux Falls as South Dakota's 2002 Teacher of the Year.
SC 7 Honoring the outstanding achievements of Darrell Hartmann, Chief and Pete Bolzer, Assistant Chief of the Brookings Fire Department in the field of fire and rescue.
SC 8 Commemorating the retirement of Fred Tully and recognizing him for his dedication and steadfast leadership to the Black Hills Children's Home and Children's Home Society of South Dakota for over two decades.
SC 9 Honoring Dr. Thomas R. Hills of Black Hills State University on twenty-five years of outstanding service to the South Dakota Legislative Internship Program.
SC 10 Honoring Coleen C. Keffeler of Sturgis on her selection as National Teacher of the Year for Career and Technical Education.
SC 12 Honoring the outstanding achievements of Patty Pearson, Executive Director of Kids Voting South Dakota.
SC 13 Honoring Dawn Morris of Pierre on her selection as National Mother of the Year.
SC 15 Honoring South Dakota native Adam Vinatieri for kicking the winning field goal in Super Bowl XXXVI.
SC 16 Honoring and commending Carrie Gonsor on her selection as one of the torchbearers for the 2002 Olympics.
SC 22 Commending and honoring Rebecca Umenthum of the Belle Fourche School District, Barbara Huber of the Douglas School District, Katrina Rudebusch of the Rapid City School District, Roxie Ahlbrecht and Cynthia Nelson of the Sioux Falls School District, Reva Sigle of the Spearfish School District, Mary Kate Axlund of the Sturgis School District, and Shannon Amiotte of the Wall School District, for gaining national teacher certification.
SCR 2 Urging the United States Congress to adopt legislation providing greater equity in Medicare reimbursement between large urban health care providers and rural health care providers.
SCR 3 Requesting the forest service to address the forest health and wildfire risk crisis facing the Black Hills.
SJR 5 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election amendments to Article III of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to legislative appointments and conflicts of interest.

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