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Jim Hundstad

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1062 increase certain penalties for eluding a law enforcement officer.
HB 1063 revise certain provisions and to increase certain penalties regarding the disturbance of a school.
HB 1064 revise certain provisions regarding the obstructing of a law enforcement officer, jailer, or firefighter.
HB 1083 allow persons to provide certain skin peels without a cosmetology license.
HC 1009 Honoring the 2001 Britton Braves High School football team, coaches, and staff.
SB 83 reduce the capitalization rate for determining nonagricultural acreage.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1073 require direct reimbursement to ambulance services under certain circumstances.
HB 1076 revise certain membership requirements for county and municipal housing and redevelopment commissions.
HB 1096 revise the index factor in the state aid to education formula.
HB 1106 revise certain provisions regarding the confidential nature of peer review activities of physicians.
HB 1111 restrict the transfer of certain appropriated money and to provide for the redistribution of certain appropriated money.
HB 1112 allow school boards to initiate a vote relating to the imposition of an excess tax levy.
HB 1120 appropriate funds from the special racing revolving fund and the South Dakota-bred racing fund.
HB 1136 clarify the approval authority for local accounts of the state treasurer and state auditor.
HB 1137 revise certain provisions regarding the compensation and the meetings of the State Cement Plant Commission.
HB 1142 repeal the prohibition of certain disclosures by a state agency of information concerning a private entity and to refer the Act to the electors of this state at the next general election.
HB 1145 dedicate certain sales taxes collected at the state fair for making improvements to the state fairgrounds.
HB 1150 require that diesel fuel sold in the state contain biodiesel fuel.
HB 1189 establish the crime of air piracy and to increase the penalty for theft of certain aircraft.
HB 1192 clarify that the court may speak with children without parents or attorneys present regarding visitation matters.
HB 1194 require driver education students to take driver license test.
HB 1201 impose an income tax on interest and dividends and to provide penalties for the violation thereof.
HB 1202 prohibit certain campaign contributions.
HB 1230 require that certain state vehicles be equipped as flexible fuel vehicles.
HB 1231 require the use of ethanol fuel in certain state vehicles.
HB 1245 require that certain exempt, dyed diesel fuel sold in the state contain biodiesel fuel oil.
HB 1251 require that hoghouse amendments have a two-thirds majority vote for consideration.
HB 1265 allow for the issuance of metal plates with a special designation to auction agencies.
HB 1266 revise certain statutes relating to the eligibility of individual's employed by certain schools for unemployment benefits.
HB 1267 direct the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to enter into negotiations with Indian tribes related to the management of Bear Butte State Park.
HB 1289 establish certain requirements that must be met before the Department of Social Services may require prior authorization for prescription drugs provided to certain individuals.
HB 1292 require certain statistics regarding traffic law enforcement to be collected and maintained.
HB 1293 adopt the Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act.
HC 1004 Honoring and commending the members of the South Dakota National Guard.
HC 1008 Honoring the 2001 Roslyn Vikings High School football team, coaches, and staff.
HC 1010 Honoring United Nations Ambassador and former United States Senator George McGovern for service to South Dakota and the United States.
HC 1012 Honoring Darrell "Brownie" Eagle Bull for his commitment and achievements in the area of community education.
HC 1016 Honoring Nicole Siebrasse of Aberdeen for receiving a Prudential Spirit of Community Award.
HC 1018 Honoring the Morgan family athletes past and present who attended Dakota Wesleyan University as one of the most outstanding basketball families in South Dakota history.
HCR 1004 Urging the study of the problem of teenage in-vehicle drinking and drug use.
HCR 1006 Commending Aberdeen Central High School's Environmental Club and designating May 15, 2002, as statewide Ride a Bike to Work Day.
HCR 1008 Supporting the Kids Voting Program.
HCR 1012 Urging a reconsideration of the Food and Drug Administration's approval of mifepristone (RU-486), an investigation into the process followed in approving this drug, and a reassessment of the drug's safety.
HCR 1013 Recognizing Ellsworth Air Force Base personnel as an outstanding component of our nation's defenses.
HCR 1015 Encouraging state and local law enforcement agencies to acquire and to use video cameras at all traffic stops.
HCR 1016 Encouraging local law enforcement agencies to adopt community policing practices.
HCR 1021 Requesting the Department of Corrections to expand their mission statement.
HCR 1022 Supporting the National Motto of the United States.
HCR 1023 Supporting mandatory country of origin labeling for agricultural products.
HCR 1026 Urging South Dakota to adopt a prescription savings program modeled after the Iowa Priority Prescription Savings Program and to combine with Iowa for negotiating influence to reduce prescription prices for Medicare-eligible individuals.
HCR 1028 Urging awareness and support for reading programs in our homes and communities.
HJR 1005 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article XI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota to prohibit the taxation of realty improvement contracts.
SB 59 provide for certain increases in the state minimum wage.
SB 64 establish certain wage requirements for the recipients of REDI fund loans.
SB 76 provide for legislative redistricting by a bipartisan, nonlegislative commission.
SB 90 appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute.
SB 100 revise the formula for reducing state aid to education due to an excessive general fund balance.
SB 103 increase the required distance between certain persons or equipment and high voltage lines.
SB 112 establish the South Dakota student incentive loan program and to make an appropriation therefor.
SB 133 revise the distribution of revenue from the petroleum release compensation and tank inspection fee, to transfer certain funds, and to declare an emergency.
SB 156 provide for the revision of the South Dakota Family Farm Act of 1974 to conform with a proposed amendment to the South Dakota Constitution regulating corporate farming in South Dakota.
SB 175 provide for civil liability for certain personal injuries relating to the internet posting of certain inherently dangerous information.
SB 176 repeal certain provisions, commonly known as the gag law, prohibiting certain disclosures by a state agency of information concerning a private entity.
SC 1 Honoring Coleen C. Keffeler of Sturgis on her selection as National Teacher of the Year for Career and Technical Education.
SC 4 Honoring 4-H clubs and 4-H members on the centennial celebration of the founding of 4-H.
SC 5 Honoring Jeffrey Lukens of Sioux Falls as South Dakota's 2002 Teacher of the Year.
SC 8 Commemorating the retirement of Fred Tully and recognizing him for his dedication and steadfast leadership to the Black Hills Children's Home and Children's Home Society of South Dakota for over two decades.
SC 10 Honoring Coleen C. Keffeler of Sturgis on her selection as National Teacher of the Year for Career and Technical Education.
SC 12 Honoring the outstanding achievements of Patty Pearson, Executive Director of Kids Voting South Dakota.
SC 13 Honoring Dawn Morris of Pierre on her selection as National Mother of the Year.
SC 15 Honoring South Dakota native Adam Vinatieri for kicking the winning field goal in Super Bowl XXXVI.
SC 21 Honoring and congratulating LaFola Korkow on her ninetieth birthday.
SC 22 Commending and honoring Rebecca Umenthum of the Belle Fourche School District, Barbara Huber of the Douglas School District, Katrina Rudebusch of the Rapid City School District, Roxie Ahlbrecht and Cynthia Nelson of the Sioux Falls School District, Reva Sigle of the Spearfish School District, Mary Kate Axlund of the Sturgis School District, and Shannon Amiotte of the Wall School District, for gaining national teacher certification.
SC 23 Honoring South Dakota's Lieutenant Governor Carole Hillard for her career in public service.
SCR 12 Encouraging South Dakota's delegation in the United States Congress to oppose any increase in the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards.
SCR 15 Honoring Governor William J. Janklow for his service to the State of South Dakota.
SJR 2 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article XII, section 2 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota revising the vote required for passage of the general appropriation bill.
SJR 3 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election, an amendment to Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to scholarships for students attending certain universities, colleges, and technical schools located in the state.
SJR 5 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election amendments to Article III of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to legislative appointments and conflicts of interest.

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