Bills Sponsored

Eric H Bogue

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1006 permit the Department of Social Services to publish certain fee schedules used in certain medical assistance programs.
HB 1064 revise the property taxes of the general fund of a school district.
HB 1067 exempt golf courses from certain liquor license quota restrictions.
HB 1075 designate rodeo as the official sport of South Dakota.
HB 1130 allow school districts to operate less than a thirteen-year school program.
HB 1134 clarify the subpoena powers of the Legislature and legislative committees.
HB 1173 create a constitutional revision commission to make a comprehensive study of Article III of the Constitution of this state and to consider and recommend legislation for the improvement of Article III of the Constitution.
HB 1176 require voters to provide identification before voting or obtaining an absentee ballot.
HB 1196 provide for the periodic review of the agencies of state government.
HB 1269 repeal the sales tax exemption for certain interstate telecommunication services and to declare an emergency.
HB 1270 increase the tax on alcoholic beverages, to revise the distribution of revenue, and to declare an emergency.
HB 1271 increase the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products and to declare an emergency.
HB 1282 revise certain provisions regarding the official records and the notification requirements relating to pardons, paroles and commutations.
HB 1284 reduce prejudgment and postjudgment interest rates in inverse condemnation actions and to declare an emergency.
HCR 1006 Requesting that the United States Congress enact a Medicare prescription drug benefit.
HJR 1003 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article V, section 7 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, providing for the merit selection of circuit court judges.
SB 4 define operating agreements for the purposes of regulating and licensing alcoholic beverages.
SB 70 codify legislation enacted in 2002.
SB 104 revise the tax credit provisions of the insurance premium tax, to provide for a retroactive effective date, and to declare an emergency.
SB 136 revise certain format standards for real estate documents filed at the register of deeds.
SB 144 revise the rules promulgation process.
SB 153 require the publication of certain information related to public notices.
SB 154 authorize certain interstate shipments of wine, to establish certain penalties, and to collect sales tax.
SB 175 revise certain provisions relating to submission of budget requests and budget reports to the Legislative Research Council and the Legislature.
SB 225 limit the amount of time in which a recovery claim for certain paid taxes may be made and to declare an emergency.
SB 226 revise certain provisions regarding tax collection agreements between the state and Indian tribes and to declare an emergency.
SCR 9 Requesting the United States Senators of the State of South Dakota to support the floor vote and nomination of judicial nominee Miguel Estrada.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1086 revise the exception for a patient's privilege on confidential communications with physicians and psychotherapists.
HB 1093 revise certain filing fees of limited liability companies.
HB 1102 revise certain provisions regarding the collection of personal property by affidavit.
HB 1145 establish a Native American student cultural exchange program.
HB 1158 provide that certain persons be given a preference for certain big game licenses.
HB 1162 revise the membership of the governing board of the one-call notification center.
HB 1172 revise the factors considered in the certification of a county overweight vehicle enforcement program.
HB 1194 establish a per diem reimbursement for members of the corrections commission and to provide a delayed effective date.
HB 1247 provide for the funding of certain court appointed special advocate grant programs and to establish the Court Appointed Special Advocates Commission.
HC 1002 Honoring an outstanding South Dakota educator, Karen Lukens, for receiving the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award.
HC 1003 Honoring Tom McGough as the South Dakota Cross-Country Coach of the Year.
HC 1005 Honoring the 2002 State "B" Champion Canova Teener Baseball Team.
HCR 1004 Recognizing and honoring the service and achievements of the South Dakota National Guard.
HCR 1007 Urging the United States Department of Agriculture to implement country of origin labeling for beef.
HCR 1008 Urging the adoption of a scientific drought relief program.
HCR 1009 Requesting that a bipartisan delegation of South Dakota state legislators travel to Washington, D.C., to meet with congressional leaders, administration, and Department of Agriculture officials to express the need for disaster assistance targeted to those in most serious need.
HCR 1011 Urging South Dakota's congressional delegation to acknowledge, support, and take actions to implement recommendations to improve boating access on South Dakota's Missouri River reservoirs.
HCR 1017 Requesting the Governor, Legislature, and South Dakota Congressional Delegation to support the Healthy Forests Initiative and its individual programs.
HCR 1019 Urging Congress to refrain from acquiring certain additional land for Wind Cave National Park.
SB 3 revise the convention facility on-sale alcoholic beverage license requirements.
SB 67 modify the conditions under which contracts with local officers are permitted.
SB 69 provide for reduced camping fees for certain persons.
SB 72 revise certain provisions related to notice for insufficient funds checks.
SB 74 revise certain transcript fees.
SB 85 appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute.
SB 86 revise certain provisions regarding reduced tuition for state employees.
SB 103 provide that certain building permits contain statements concerning liens, lien waivers, and potential financial liability.
SB 109 allow the offer of an individual health benefit plan without certain mandates.
SB 111 repeal certain provisions providing for the review of county overweight vehicle enforcement programs.
SB 115 provide for a converted motor home title for certain motor vehicles.
SB 156 revise certain provisions to provide workers' compensation benefits to children of deceased employees.
SB 157 clarify and revise certain provisions concerning criminal background investigations of school district employees and student teachers.
SB 158 require that certain judgements awarded to certain offenders be used to provide restitution to crime victims.
SB 159 require public corporations to verify whether contractors have a contractor's excise tax license before awarding certain contracts.
SB 172 require the Department of Health to place certain information on its website.
SB 178 revise certain provisions related to the publication and distribution of municipal and school district minutes.
SB 179 revise and expand certain provisions relating to wind energy development.
SB 181 repeal certain obsolete provisions regarding time references to central standard time and mountain standard time.
SB 184 revise certain provisions relating to the collection, retention, and use of DNA samples.
SB 224 allow school districts to provide transportation to nonpublic school students under certain circumstances and to declare an emergency.
SC 7 Honoring Krista Jankowski, South Dakota Girls' State Governor, and Dan English, South Dakota Boys' State Governor, and commending the South Dakota American Legion and Auxiliary for their sponsorship and coordination of the Girls' State and Boys' State programs.
SC 9 Honoring the 2002 Avon Pirates High School football team and the students and staff involved in the football program.
SC 10 Honoring the outstanding achievements of Dr. Carter J. Kerk and recognizing his appointment as chair of the National Advisory Committee on Ergonomics (NACE).
SC 12 Honoring Erin Jaspers for being the first place winner of the 2003 Business Plan Competition.
SC 13 Honoring Crystal Swenby for earning second place in the finals of the 2003 Business Plan Competition.
SC 24 Honoring the South Dakota Council of the Knights of Columbus for their Native American Student Exchange Program.
SC 25 Honoring Pauline Nightpipe as Grandmother of the Senate during the Seventy-eighth Legislative Session.
SCR 3 Petitioning the Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation to promulgate a regulation placing all of Jones, Mellette, and Todd Counties within the central standard time zone.
SCR 4 Urging the President of the United States of America, the United States Congress, and the United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, to provide the best medical care for our servicemen, servicewomen, veterans, and their families.
SCR 5 Supporting the creation of a South Dakota plan for suicide prevention.
SCR 11 Supporting and honoring the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States as they engage in combat with the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein.
SR 1 Honoring James Abdnor, of Kennebec, South Dakota, upon the occasion of his 80th birthday.

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