House Concurrent Resolutions

HCR 1001Abolish the death tax.
HCR 1002Concurrent resolution urging control of prairie dogs.
HCR 1003Highway Patrol and Capitol Security honored.
HCR 1004Concurrent resolution supporting funding for the Historic Barn Preservation Act.
HCR 1005Honoring Loren M. Carlson.
HCR 1006Concurrent resolution urging the use of biodiesel fuel.
HCR 1007Congressional delegation asked to work to maintain flight service station in Huron.
HCR 1008Ronald Reagan day declared.
HCR 1009Honoring the achievements of "Thanks to Scandinavia".
HCR 1010Concurrent resolution supporting the development of a South Dakota youth mentoring program.
HCR 1011School districts requested to suspend sale of soft drinks and junk food during school hours.
HCR 1012Concurrent resolution urging the FCC to reconsider its order on local number portability.
HCR 1013Historic Preservation Fund and Historic Barn Restoration Act funding supported.
HCR 1014Omnibus Energy Bill support.
HCR 1015Concurrent resolution urging instruction in personal finance in school curricula.
HCR 1016Concurrent resolution supporting an appeal of federal management plans for certain national forest and grassland areas.
HCR 1017Urging the United States Congress to provide sufficient funding to South Dakota water projects.
HCR 1018Urging the United States Congress and President George W. Bush to fully fund the No Child Left Behind/Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
HCR 1019Concurrent resolution requesting the US forest Service to address the poor health of the Black Hills National Forest.
HCR 1020Concurrent resolution recognizing the Sioux Falls Lincoln marching band's selection to the Rose Parade.
HCR 1021Urging the Governor to ensure the availability of state funds to provide for motor fuel tax refunds to members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.
HCR 1022Concurrent Resolution honoring Sioux Falls Lincoln High School Band.
HCR 1023A resolution recognizing the State's investment in education.

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