Bills Sponsored

Arlene H Ham-Burr

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1104 define felony aggravated indecent exposure as a sex crime for purposes of the registration of convicted sex offenders.
HB 1105 permit certain temporary on-sale licenses to be issued by municipalities and counties.
HB 1200 authorize the inclusion of certain national guard members in the public employee health insurance plan.
HB 1205 provide for emergency contraception at the election of certain sexual assault victims.
HB 1267 revise certain provisions regarding blood samples taken after violent or accidental deaths.
HB 1298 establish one rate for the telephone gross receipts tax and to provide uniform methods to administer the tax.
SB 79 appropriate money for an education pilot project.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1089 increase the financial incentive for three or more school districts to consolidate.
HB 1094 revise certain provisions regarding the grounds for cancellation, revocation, suspension, or limitation of a physician's license.
HB 1095 revise certain provisions regarding limited permits for occupational therapists.
HB 1096 revise certain provisions regarding licensure by examination for physicians.
HB 1097 revise certain provisions regarding renewal of a physician's license.
HB 1099 establish a statute of limitations for real estate licensees and their licensed real estate firms for alleged malpractice, mistake, error, and omission.
HB 1111 clarify the regulation of ephedrine and to declare an emergency.
HB 1112 revise the definition of a temporary supplemental lot for the purposes of regulating certain vehicle dealers.
HB 1119 make an appropriation for the purchase of an online database for the state library.
HB 1134 authorize municipalities to enter into development agreements.
HB 1152 authorize the South Dakota Building Authority, the Office of the Attorney General, and the Department of Public Safety to contract for the construction of a law enforcement training academy, a criminal forensic laboratory, and a criminal justice and emergency operations center building in Pierre, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
HB 1158 prohibit the taking of certain pictures of another without that person's consent and to provide a penalty therefor.
HB 1169 increase the tax on alcoholic beverages and to revise the distribution of revenue.
HB 1179 provide for the regulation of pharmacy technicians.
HB 1181 revise certain provisions related to the accreditation of nonpublic schools.
HB 1189 revise certain provisions regarding orders for dental laboratory work.
HB 1197 establish the Game, Fish and Parks Legislative Oversight Committee.
HB 1199 exempt certain nonprofit organizations providing dental care from dental licensure requirements.
HB 1202 create a task force to study state and local government.
HB 1214 require certain prenatal information to be provided when a pregnancy test has been performed and there has been a positive result.
HB 1218 require the Department of Health to provide certain information to the Legislature regarding the funding for tobacco use prevention and reduction programs.
HB 1222 designate the seventeenth day of April as Joe Foss Day.
HB 1223 direct the expenditure of education enhancement trust fund earnings in the state.
HB 1275 require chemical tests of drivers involved in accidents resulting in serious bodily injury.
HB 1277 require certain private organizations providing temporary care, shelter, or detention to children to meet certain standards.
HB 1287 revise the authority of the Governor in time of disaster, terrorist attack, or emergency.
HB 1291 create a commission on youth development strategies on the reservations in South Dakota.
HC 1006 Honoring the public achievements of "Thanks to Scandinavia".
HC 1013 Honoring Teresa Johnson of Pierre as the Region IV Correctional Education Association Teacher of the Year.
HC 1015 Honoring Evelyn Nystrom for her outstanding and loyal service to the South Dakota House of Representatives.
HC 1023 Honoring the 2004 Madison Bulldogs Gymnastics Team and the students and staff involved in the program.
HCR 1001 Requesting the Congressional Delegation of the State of South Dakota to work to abolish the death tax permanently.
HCR 1002 Urging the increased efforts for the control of prairie dogs.
HCR 1003 Acknowledging the Highway Patrol and Capitol Security for all their efforts to ensure safety in the State Capitol Building during the 2004 Legislative Session.
HCR 1005 Expressing the deep respect of the Legislature on the occasion of the passing of Loren Carlson.
HCR 1006 Urging all South Dakotans to use biodiesel whenever possible.
HCR 1007 Requesting South Dakota's congressional delegation to work to maintain the automated flight service station in Huron as staffed by federal air traffic control flight service specialists.
HCR 1008 Declaring February sixth as Ronald Reagan Day in South Dakota.
HCR 1009 Honoring the public achievements of Thanks to Scandinavia.
HCR 1011 Requesting all school districts in South Dakota to review the sale of soft drinks and junk foods during school hours.
HCR 1017 Urging the United States Congress to provide sufficient funding to South Dakota water projects.
HJR 1003 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election amendments to Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota to authorize the provision of certain services to all children of school age.
SB 1 provide for a Criminal Code Revision Commission and to declare an emergency.
SB 66 revise the definition of an abused or neglected child to include exposure to the manufacturing of methamphetamines.
SB 67 require school districts to offer kindergarten and to require content standards for kindergarten.
SB 86 repeal certain outdated provisions concerning the property tax relief program.
SB 91 appropriate money to the Ellsworth Air Force Base task force to promote and facilitate the retention of Ellsworth Air Force Base.
SB 92 revise certain provisions relating to the type and location of health facilities that may be financed or refinanced by the South Dakota Health and Educational Facilities Authority.
SB 98 appropriate money to fund the mentor teachers program.
SB 107 revise certain provisions relating to the computation of time to be served for the failure to pay certain fines, costs, or restitution.
SB 115 prohibit the disruption of or interference with traffic signal preemption systems and to provide a penalty therefor.
SB 117 establish a task force to improve the quality and availability of child care and early learning opportunities.
SB 122 require students to take at least one semester of physical education in order to graduate from high school.
SB 125 appropriate money for postsecondary technical education enhancement.
SB 127 require certain hospitals to provide prices for certain procedures.
SB 131 revise the hours of supervision required for certification as a licensed professional counselor - mental health.
SB 210 require certain information from scholarship applicants to be provided to the Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey scholarship board.
SC 1 Honoring and supporting Czech Days in Tabor, South Dakota, on the occasion of its fifty-sixth anniversary.
SC 3 Honoring and supporting the Kingsbury County Cattlemen's Association of South Dakota, on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the Kingsbury County Cattlemen's Association Day.
SC 6 Recognizing and celebrating Habitat for Humanity in South Dakota and the accomplishment of building two hundred homes in South Dakota.
SC 7 Honoring Sheila Hansen, a Spearfish teacher and proud South Dakotan, for her commitment and dedication to South Dakota veterans.
SC 9 Honoring South Dakota native Adam Vinatieri for kicking the game-winning field goal in Super Bowl XXXVIII.
SC 10 Recognizing and honoring Carole Skinner of Miller for earning the title of Female International Whistling Champion for 2002 and 2003.
SC 11 Honoring Peyton Healy for receiving a 2004 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.
SC 12 Commending and honoring Sandy Bales for her outstanding service to the Legislative Research Council.

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