The effective date of most of the legislation in this volume is July 1, 2004. See SDCL 2-14-16. Legislation with other effective dates will contain the effective date as one of its provisions.


1.    HJR 1003    Proposing an amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to provide certain nonsectarian services to children of school age attending religious schools.


2.    SB 211    Federal Indian Child Welfare Act compliance to be studied.

3.    SB 76        Certain documents prohibited as a means of identification.

4.    HB 1297    Legislature must authorize transfers of real property to the federal government.

5.    HB 1222    Joe Foss Day designated.

6.    HB 1143    State fishing museum to be located in Webster.

7.    HB 1213    Succession to governorship, certain elected officials eligible.

8.    HB 1028    Bureau of Information and Telecommunications, restrictions removed regarding state communications.

9.    SB 92        South Dakota Health and Educational Facilities Authority bonding authority expanded.

10.    HB 1309    Increase the number of physicians eligible to participate in the tuition reimbursement program.

11.    SB 41        REDI Fund matching funds requirement waived.

12.    SB 202    REDI Fund uses reformed.

13.    HB 1145    South Dakota entrepreneur support program created.

14.    SB 200    Homestake mine transfer to the Science and Technology Authority and appropriation.

15.    SB 216    Science and Technology Authority created.

16.    SB 215    Immunity for entity that donates property to Science and Technology Authority.

17.    HB 1234    References to executive branch agencies corrected.

18.    SB 20        State Fair administration revised.

19.    SB 62        Open meetings commission created.

20.    SB 112    Small business impact statement required when promulgating rules.

21.    SB 63        Administrative rules may be sent back for further hearings in the rule promulgation process.

22.    SB 12        Administrative rules procedure revised.

23.    SB 68        Notice of appeal requirement modified for administrative appeals.

24.    HB 1142    Venue of an administrative appeal changed.

25.    SB 59        Public records confidentiality reformed.

26.    HB 1026    Department of Agriculture organization revised.


27.    SB 1        Criminal Code Revision Commission established.

28.    HB 1153    Constitutional Revision Commission authorized.

29.    SB 117    Child care and learning task force created.

30.    SB 23        Full-time equivalent definition for a state employee revised.

31.    HB 1075    Legislation enacted in 2003 codified.


32.    HB 1183    Temporary replacement for local government officials.

33.    HB 1090    Salary differences of activated National Guard and Reserve members who are state employees to be paid by the state.

34.    HB 1238    Rate of reimbursement increased when using a motorcycle on state business.

35.    HB 1035    Interest rates revised on certain payouts from the South Dakota Retirement System.

36.    HB 1032    The definition of compensation revised to compute final average salary for an SDRS member.

37.    HB 1039    Contributory service needed to receive benefits under the South Dakota Retirement System.

38.    HB 1037    Retirement revised for retired members of the South Dakota Retirement System who return to covered employment.

39.    HB 1036    Uncredited public service, the cost of purchasing revised.

40.    HB 1038    A member's compensation to be used to calculate benefits under the South Dakota Retirement System.

41.    HB 1034    Additional survivor protection program in the South Dakota Retirement System revised.

42.    HB 1040    Actuarial reporting procedures revised.

43.    HB 1033    Special pay retirement program established for state government.

44.    HB 1312    Senior prescription drug benefit program may end upon the issuance of a federal drug discount card.


45.    SB 195    General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2005.

46.    SB 19        State Fair appropriation.

47.    SB 22        Appropriation to the State Conservation Commission.

48.    SB 55        Physician tuition reimbursement appropriation.

49.    SB 91        Appropriation for Ellsworth Air Force Base task force.

50.    SB 106    Northern Crops Institute appropriation.

51.    SB 199    Special appropriation for tax refunds for elderly and disabled persons.

52.    SB 203    Appropriation for water projects.

53.    HB 1030    Appropriation for wildfire suppression.

54.    HB 1031    General Appropriation Act for Departments of Social Services, Education, Corrections, and Human Services for fiscal year 2004, revised.

55.    HB 1065    Mosquito control grant program established.

56.    HB 1068    Extraordinary litigation expense fund established.

57.    HB 1071    Salary and benefits appropriation for the Public Utilities Commission.

58.    HB 1076    An appropriation to cover inmate medical expenses.

59.    HB 1077    A supplemental appropriation for the purchase of land and other things to the Department of Corrections.

60.    HB 1152    Law enforcement building authorization and appropriation.

61.    HB 1137    Public funds may be invested in certificates of deposit.

62.    SB 168    Constitutional trust funds value established.


63.    HB 1177    State government purchasing reformed.

64.    SB 201    Appropriation to Science and Technology Authority to purchase insurance and for operating expenses.

65.    SB 214    Governor may enter into agreements to indemnify certain entities who donate property to the Science and Technology Authority.

66.    SB 179    Municipal facilities authority repealed.


67.    HB 1202    State and local government study.


68.    HB 1136    Mandated business hours for certain county offices repealed.

69.    SB 108    County state's attorney residence requirement reformed.

70.    HB 1005    County unreserved general fund balance limited and reported.


71.    SB 171    Civil township organization requirements revised.

72.    SB 113    Township officer's duties may be combined.

73.    HB 1127    Bonding of township clerks and treasurers revised.

74.    HB 1128    Township leasing of tools or equipment, cost increased before vote is required.


75.    HB 1008    Municipal and school board elections deadlines and procedures revised.

76.    SB 209    Cities authorized to provide housing for police officers.

77.    SB 132    Executive session for county government revised.

78.    SB 160    Municipal government may authorize the installation of communications equipment on water towers.

79.    HB 1182    The general occupation tax revenue method of assessment modified.


80.    HB 1042    Private collection agencies may be used to collect delinquent taxes.

81.    SB 3        Congregate housing tax exemption criteria revised.

82.    SB 88        Real property tax assessment freeze, eligibility income criteria increased.

83.    HB 1087    School district general fund tax levies, changed.

84.    SB 172    Conditions under which counties may levy taxes in certain townships, revised.

85.    HB 1192    Property tax levies for rural fire protection districts revised.

86.    SB 86        Outdated provisions of the property tax relief program repealed.

87.    HB 1135    Delinquent and subsequent taxes payment procedure clarified.

88.    SB 42        Railroad tax credits adjusted.

89.    HB 1298    One rate established for the telephone gross receipts tax.

90.    SB 33        References to the Internal Revenue Code adjusted.

91.    HB 1052    Premium tax revised on certain small life insurance policies.

92.    SB 39        Insurance premium tax credits adjusted.

93.    SB 124    Foreign trade zone tax exemption modified.

94.    HB 1180    Certain transportation services made exempt from sales and use tax.

95.    HB 1041    Sales tax applied to payments regarding leased property between members of controlled group.

96.    SB 170    Penalties for paying taxes late, reformed.

97.    SB 31        Special fuel blends subject to fuel excise tax.

98.    SB 26.        Penalty provided for failure to pay civil penalty if special fuel found in a motor vehicle.

99.    HB 1054    Tobacco litigation escrow fund allowable share provision reworked.

100.    SB 27        The uniform administration of state taxes apply to investigations.


101.    SB 164    County zoning laws reformed.

102.    HB 1134    Municipalities may enter into development agreements with landowners.

103.    HB 1231    Conditional use criteria to be established for zoning ordinances.

104.    SB 134    Building code references updated.


105.    SB 13        Residency requirement for voting revised.

106.    HB 1009    Election equipment replacement fund established.

107.    HB 1007    Election petition deadlines for certain elections revised.

108.    SB 15        Polling place procedures revised.

109.    SB 14        Absentee voting procedure revised.


110.    SB 47        Board of Regents bonding provisions for capital projects corrected.

111.    SB 10        Computational mechanics laboratory appropriation for the School of Mines and Technology.

112.    SB 189    Revise the long-term building projects authorized for Northern State University.

113.    SB 217    Appropriation to construct manure digesting system for the Agricultural Experiment Station.

114.    SB 150    Appropriation to enhance education.

115.    SB 205    State aid to education special distribution.

116.    SB 49        School district consolidation incentive appropriated.

117.    HB 1016    Board of Regents appropriation to purchase land adjacent to SDSU campus.

118.    HB 1017    Board of Regents appropriation to build a facility for the foundation seed stock program at SDSU.

119.    HB 1019    Board of Regents appropriation for office of medical education.

120.    HB 1018    Board of Regents appropriation for student wellness center at SDSU.

121.    HB 1001    Basic high school curriculum and recommended high school curriculum created.

122.    HB 1003    School districts consolidation plan to include excess tax levy.

123.    HB 1114    School district boundary changes, certain requirements changed.

124.    SB 159    School board to set the amount of per diem that a member of the board may receive.

125.    SB 206    Per student allocation in state aid increased.

126.    SB 104    Economic development incentives created.

127.    SB 50        Graduating high school seniors release before end of school term revised.

128.    SB 67        School districts to offer kindergarten and to require content standards for kindergarten.

129.    HB 1010    High school student excused to work as election official.

130.    HB 1133    Special education students may open enroll in nonresident school district.

131.    SB 48        State aid to education per student allocation for special education increased.

132.    HB 1081    State aid for special education local effort levy and effort factor adjusted.

133.    SB 173    School administrators alternative certification requirements reformed.

134.    HB 1015    Board of Regents may create a multi-institution bonded revenue system.

135.    HB 1217    Clarify and increase education benefits for children of South Dakotans who die in military service.

136.    SB 11        South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship Program revised.

137.    SB 210    Certain information to be provided for the Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey scholarship.


138.    HB 1221    Publisher to provide electronic materials for converting textbooks to Braille.

139.    HB 1100    County lawbook and law library fund use updated.


140.    HB 1099    Statute of limitations for real estate licensees and firms.


141.    HB 1103    Court automation surcharges increased.


142.    HB 1069    Fees chargeable for legal publications set by the Bureau of Administration.


143.    HB 1227    Notary may not charge a fee for notarizing absentee ballots.


144.    SB 80        Human rights complaints procedure modified.


145.    SB 74        Public nuisances, costs to abate granted to local government.

146.    HB 1282    Liability based on consumption of a product prohibited.


147.    SB 64        Habitual criminal allegation may be filed after the arraignment.

148.    HB 1055    The crime of witness tampering reformed.

149.    HB 1203    Threatening a law enforcement officer or the officer's family revised.

150.    SB 77        Violation of a stalking protection order, penalty increased.

151.    HB 1158    Taking pictures without a person's consent made a misdemeanor.

152.    HB 1108    Sexual contact redefined.

153.    HB 1104    Aggravated indecent exposure defined as a sex crime.

154.    HB 1176    Criminal pedophilia redefined.

155.    SB 72        Obscene material or conduct regulated by ordinance, automatic referral repealed.

156.    HB 1235    Authorize certain fraternal organizations to use pull tab dispensers in selling pull tabs.


157.    HB 1070    Attorney General may purchase equipment through the Bureau of Administration.

158.    HB 1088    Drug dog law enforcement teams to be certified.

159.    SB 95        Law enforcement certification may be refused or revoked for juvenile adjudications or dispositions.

160.    HB 1053    Liquidated court costs increased.

161.    SB 60        Law enforcement "calls for service" information are considered public records.


162.    HB 1012    Victim definition revised to increase who may speak for the victim.

163.    SB 107    Failure to pay fines, costs or restitution, computation revised.

164.    SB 57        Mandatory consecutive sentences modified.

165.    SB 90        Indeterminate sentences repealed.

166.    SB 182    Death penalty for minors prohibited.

167.    SB 9        Department of Social Services provisions revised.


168.    SB 2        Department of Corrections provisions revised.

169.    SB 58        Inmate accounts procedures revised for inmates who are discharged, deceased or who have escaped.

170.    HB 1079    Preliminary hearings for parole violators revised.

171.    HB 1078    Parole agreements modified.


172.    HB 1212    Great-grandparent included in definition of grandparent.

173.    SB 181    Notice required when a parent with custody of a child moves.

174.    HB 1184    Payor may withhold costs when making payment under an order for withholding.

175.    HB 1141    Ex parte protection orders can be served on Sundays or holidays.

176.    SB 93        Third and subsequent violations of protection orders made a felony.

177.    HB 1207    A judgment of conviction to indicate whether the charge involves domestic abuse.


178.    HB 1159    Felony convictions to disqualify a person from working in certain child care jobs.

179.    HB 1126    Prosecutor may sign the summons in a juvenile case.

180.    HB 1013    Juvenile court notice to the attorney general in certain cases.

181.    SB 66        Exposure to the manufacturing of methamphetamine deemed to be child abuse or neglect.

182.    HB 1101    Children in need of supervision, time period for being held in a detention facility restricted.

183.    HB 1102    Interstate Compact for Juveniles revised.


184.    HB 1228    Contracts with bordering states for the treatment of certain persons.


185.    HB 1027    An involuntarily committed person, discharge criteria revised.


186.    HB 1304    Rule amended to increase personal needs allowance for medicaid recipients.

187.    HB 1308    Tax on food refund program established.


188.    HB 1266    Notice to certain persons in estate litigation.

189.    HB 1130    Security accounts for transfers or payments upon death, definition modified.


190.    HB 1243    State trunk highway system relating to Highway 53 in Tripp County modified.

191.    HB 1061    State trunk highway system in Brown County altered.

192.    HB 1062    Mowing of ditches on the state trunk highway system, authority to regulate clarified.

193.    HB 1098    County road district referendum provisions revised.

194.    HB 1248    Public rights-of-way may be maintained and improved.

195.    HB 1107    Culverts to be inspected annually.

196.    SB 43        Utility corridor acquisition regulated.

197.    HB 1064    Highway rights-of-way acquired by purchase no longer need a resolution.

198.    SB 188    Revise certain provisions relating to isolated tracts of land.

199.    SB 44        Highway right-of-way use by utilities, agreements for relocation allowed.


200.    HB 1046    Motor vehicle titling and registration must be in the customer's county if done by a dealer.

201.    HB 1044    Damage disclosure information revised.

202.    HB 1045    Boat license renewal period revised.

203.    HB 1166    Boat damage disclosure.

204.    HB 1186    First responder decal for specialty license plates.

205.    SB 123    County wheel tax proceeds, use reformed.

206.    HB 1112    Motor vehicle dealer supplemental lots regulated.

207.    SB 78        Motor vehicle dealer bond increased.

208.    HB 1146    Commercial use of vehicles by licensed motor vehicle dealers.

209.    HB 1196    Auction agencies required to disclose damage statements on motor vehicles.

210.    SB 32        Staggered registration of commercial motor vehicles.

211.    HB 1117    Instruction permit for operating a motor vehicle, hours of operation changed.

212.    SB 83        Restricted minor's permit hours of operation revised.

213.    SB 17        Commercial driver license requirements revised.

214.    HB 1295    Dangling object prohibition to be enforced as a petty offense.

215.    HB 1151    Blue light allowed as part of motorcycle rear brake light.

216.    SB 40        State snowmobile trails regulated.

217.    HB 1275    Mandatory drug and alcohol testing when there is an accident involving serious bodily injury.

218.    SB 56        Minors adjudicated for driving under the influence defined as children in need of supervision.

219.    SB 115    Traffic signal disruption made a crime.


220.    SB 7        National guard tuition privileges revised.

221.    HB 1091    National Guard tuition reduction extended to graduate study courses.

222.    SB 8        National guard tuition privilege eligibility requirements revised.

223.    SB 212    Governor's authority in time of an emergency revised.

224.    SB 6        Veterans, period of qualifying service for benefits revised.

225.    HB 1305    Veterans' bonus program revision and appropriation.


226.    HB 1274    Protocols for cardiopulmonary resuscitation directives.

227.    SB 184    Human cloning prohibited.

228.    HB 1157    Provide a limitation on lender liability for environmental cleanup costs.

229.    HB 1066    Controlled substance registration requirement adjusted.

230.    HB 1067    Controlled substance schedule increased.

231.    HB 1111    Sale of ephedra products regulated.

232.    SB 52        Fees related to the registration of controlled substances limited.

233.    SB 53        Ionizing radiation sources to be licensed and to set a fee.

234.    SB 54        Abortion report, additional information to be included.

235.    SB 147    Autopsy defined.

236.    HB 1267    Blood samples to be sent to a certified laboratory.

237.    HB 1023    Rural fire-fighting assistance and equipment from the Department of Agriculture, scope of services revised.

238.    HB 1059    Fireworks may be discharged on land owned or leased by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

239.    HB 1024    Grassland fire danger index used to regulate fireworks.

240.    HB 1218    Tobacco prevention program reports from the Department of Health.


241.    HB 1096    Physician licensure by exam, modified.

242.    HB 1097    Physician license renewal deadline revised.

243.    HB 1094    Professional incompetence defined for physicians.

244.    HB 1273    Emergency medical technicians to be included in peer review committees.

245.    HB 1278    Respiratory care practice revised.

246.    HB 1199    Dental licensure exemption created.

247.    HB 1189    Dental laboratory work orders modified.

248.    HB 1179    Pharmacy technicians regulated.

249.    HB 1165    Drugs may be redispensed under certain circumstances.

250.    SB 45        State Electrical Commission membership changed.

251.    HB 1095    Occupational therapists limited permits revised.

252.    SB 131    Licensed professional counselor certification requirements revised.

253.    SB 51        The South Dakota Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug Professionals created.


254.    HB 1188    Dealer franchises for vehicles, implements or equipment, certain provisions revised.

255.    SB 135    Outdoor power equipment retailers to be compensated for warranty work.

256.    HB 1122    Business name registration modified.


257.    HB 1237    Certain federal permits relating to genetic engineering may be used in South Dakota.

258.    SB 167    Immunity for owners of anhydrous ammonia.


259.    SB 218    State Brand Board provisions reformed.

260.    HB 1022    Dairy check-off provisions revised.


261.    HB 1058    Five dollar surcharge on hunting licenses continued.

262.    HB 1085    National Guard and Reserve members eligible for certain disabled hunting and fishing licenses.

263.    HB 1060    Deer and antelope hunting licenses made available to active military personnel and their dependents.

264.    HB 1057    Nonresident may hunt varmints when hunting on a licensed shooting preserve.

265.    HB 1300    Revise certain aerial hunting provisions.

266.    HB 1161    Certain restrictions on unarmed retrieval of game established.

267.    HB 1056    Interstate wildlife compact implemented.

268.    HB 1025    Department of Agriculture contracting authority relating to fire suppression revised.


269.    HB 1149    District Community Centers, repealed.

270.    HB 1148    Public dance halls repealed.

271.    SB 30        Racing jurisdiction redefined.


272.    SB 84        Sellers or lessors of real property required to disclose certain hazardous conditions.


273.    HB 1014    Oil and gas unit ownership percentage reduced to ratify a unit.


274.    HB 1201    Revenue bonds may be used to finance water pipelines and aqueducts.

275.    HB 1175    Participation in federal Brownfields revitalization program authorized.


276.    SB 149    Family defined to meet the requirements of a family farm corporation.

277.    SB 21        Corporate farming restrictions revised.

278.    SB 38        Uniform Securities Act adopted.

279.    SB 154    Limited liability company filing fees revised.

280.    HB 1082    Registered agents and service of process changed for corporations.


281.    HB 1074    Providing false or misleading information to the Public Utilities Commission made a misdemeanor.

282.    SB 18        Motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials provisions updated.

283.    HB 1072    Civil fine authority of the Public Utilities Commission reformed.

284.    SB 144    Telecommunications traffic signaling information to be provided.

285.    SB 82        Telecommunications contracts renewal notice regulated.

286.    SB 81        Public utility schedules and tariffs have the effect of law.


287.    SB 85        Airport approval requirements changed.

288.    HB 1063    Resident pilot registration requirement repealed.


289.    HB 1123    Banks may be organized as limited liability companies.

290.    HB 1118    Debt cancellation or suspension contracts authorized.


291.    HB 1049    Payday loans regulated.

292.    HB 1043    Lending license exemption revised.

293.    HB 1144    Division of Banking fees increased.


294.    HB 1083    Secretary of State's program to provide access to certain financing statements continued.


295.    SB 35        Insurance agent requirements altered.

296.    SB 194    Renter damage guarantee programs exempt from insurance regulation.

297.    SB 130    Farm mutual insurers, certain provisions revised.

298.    SB 25        Automobile insurance policies cancellation notice revised.

299.    SB 148    Nonforfeiture statute for individual deferred annuities.

300.    SB 36        Group life policies may be issued to additional types of groups.

301.    HB 1047    Creditable health insurance coverage revised.

302.    SB 34        Health insurance carriers to offer certain deductible options.

303.    SB 192    Discounted health care rates to be provided to persons with health care savings accounts.

304.    HB 1051    Utilization review and grievance procedures clarified.

305.    SB 208    Small group health insurance, certain requirements repealed.

306.    HB 1048    Workers compensation insurance, certain requirements revised.

307.    SB 37        Insurance rates and rating procedures and approval revised.

308.    SB 137    Insurer financial condition to include certain assets.

309.    SB 193    Insurer investments restricted.

310.    HB 1211    Insurance guaranty association provisions reformed.

311.    HB 1311    Pharmacy benefits management regulated.


312.    SB 99        Powers of attorney and trusts revised.


313.    02-07        South Dakota Visitation Guidelines.

314.    03-13        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-26A-26.

315.    03-14        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-26A-60.

316.    03-15        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-26A-61.

317.    03-16        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-12B-1.1.

318.    03-17        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-12B-1.3.

319.    03-18        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-12C-2.1.

320.    03-19        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-12B-1.2.

321.    03-20        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-6-5(h).

322.    03-21        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-16-6.

323.    03-22        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-16-13.

324.    03-23        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-16-12.1.

325.    03-24        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-16-12.2.

326.    03-25        In the Matter of the Amendment of the Regulations of the South Dakota Bar Examiners.

327.    03-26        In the Matter of the Amendment of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

328.    04-01        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-6-5.

329.    04-02        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-6-30(c).

330.    04-03        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-6-54(d).

331.    04-04        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-18-2.

332.    04-05        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-18-20.2.

333.    04-06        In the Matter of the Adoption of a New Rule Regarding Court Records to be Designated at SDCL Chapter 15-15A.


334.    EO 04-01    Custer State Park consolidated within the Parks and Recreation Division of the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.