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Bill Title


Bill Title
HB 1003 An act to revise certain provisions concerning the determination of agricultural income values for classifying nonagricultural acreages.
HB 1091 An act to revise certain dates used for the purpose of determining whether real estate taxes are delinquent.
HB 1113 An act to increase the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products, to dedicate the revenue for tobacco prevention and cessation programs and property tax reduction, and to make an appropriation therefor.
HB 1121 An act to revise the capitalization rate for determining certain agricultural income values.
HB 1186 An act to revise certain real property assessment procedures for land degraded by prairie dogs.
HB 1236 An act to limit the annual increase of property taxes that may be levied for the capital outlay fund of school districts.
SB 195 An act to permit certain licensed agents of the Department of Revenue and Regulation to collect and retain authorized convenience fees for the performance of certain duties in lieu of administrative costs.

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