Criminal Procedure

HB 1048A nonresident violator of game, fish and parks laws may be required to post bond.
HB 1070Court services officers may arrest probation violators.
HB 1071A judge may extend clemency or reduce a sentence, time to act increased.
HB 1072Grand jury transcript may be ordered by a magistrate judge.
HB 1106Mental health proceedings, duties of licensed professionals revised.
HB 1129Criminal code revision commission bill.
HB 1143Death penalty repealed.
HB 1238Aggravating circumstances revised in death penalty cases.
SB 23Federal law enforcement officer, definition to include postal and protective services.
SB 43Criminal code revised.
SB 67Crimes revised.
SB 81US Postal Inspectors included as federal law enforcement officers to enforce state laws in certain circumstances.
SB 84Victim definition revised for the purpose of making impact statements to court.
SB 206Death sentence may be avoided if the defendant is not a serious and continuing threat to others.

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