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Bills Vetoed

Bill Title Letter Type Disposition
HB 1026 An Act to classify certain bird species as unprotected. Letter Style and Form Agreed To
HB 1131 An Act to increase the amount of funding for conservation and value-added agriculture purposes from certain unclaimed motor fuel tax refunds. Letter Sustained
HB 1174 An Act to increase the maximum amount for which used motor vehicles may be sold or transferred to be exempt from excise tax. Letter Overridden
HB 1189 An Act to require certain children to be in booster seats when in motor vehicles. Letter Sustained
SB 95 An Act to establish a State Board of Technical Institutes, to provide for its powers, duties, and responsibilities, and to provide for the transfer of authority over public postsecondary technical education from the Department of Education to the State Board of Tec Letter Sustained
SB 103 An Act to provide for the appointment of members of the Brand Board by district. Letter Sustained
SB 183 An Act to exempt the production of certain plants and sod from sales and use taxes. Letter Sustained

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