Administrative Rules

HB 1008Livestock ownership inspection fee increase permitted.
HB 1013State buildings, revised standards for fire resistant construction.
HB 1023Big game possession revised.
HB 1026Unprotected birds defined.
HB 1028Physician assistant practice updated.
HB 1031Telepharmacy regulated.
HB 1039Board of Barber Examiners fees increased.
HB 1040Cosmetology practice revised.
HB 1041Cosmetology fees revised.
HB 1072Driving under the influence and other offenses, sobriety program established.
HB 1077Tax imposed on net revenues of intermediate care facilities.
HB 1131Increase the amount of funding for conservation purposes from certain unclaimed motor fuel tax refunds.
HB 1135Multistate Highway Transportation Agreement adopted.
HB 1141Facility equity fund created.
HB 1144Public Utilities Commission contested case hearing procedure revised.
HB 1146Education service agencies appropriation.
HB 1167Hospitals required to report reimbursement information.
HB 1177Pilot program for transferable landowner big game hunting licenses.
HB 1181Sales tax on political advertising.
HB 1197Department of Public Safety to regulate installers of manufactured homes.
HB 1202Require testing of certain military personnel for exposure to depleted uranium.
HB 1207Practice of independent midwifery created.
HB 1212Implement findings of Indian Child Welfare Act Commission.
HB 1236Interstate enrollment options program with Iowa.
HB 1240Independent candidates have the same filing deadlines as political party candidates.
HB 1248Property owners to receive notice of a significant increase in assessed valuation.
HB 1273School districts operating budget, mandates a fixed percentage to be spent for instructional purposes.
HB 1276Prairie High School District created.
HB 1290Indian education in South Dakota.
HB 1291Teacher compensation assistance program created..
HB 1297Document racial makeup of persons stopped by law enforcement officers on South Dakota highways.
HB 1299Authorize lifetime hunting and fishing licenses.
HB 1300School district report card.
HB 1301Rural victims' advocacy services program.
HB 1306Amend administrative rules to authorize medical assistance for certain youth on Indian reservations.
SB 2Initiative and referendum petition signature verification process.
SB 5Deadlines for mowing of highway ditches standardized across the state.
SB 7Ethanol production plant fees for regulatory services.
SB 10One Call Notification system modified for limited excavation activities.
SB 19Board of Funeral Service license fee increased.
SB 35Technical profession regulation and licensing revised.
SB 39Claims information to be provided to property and casualty insureds.
SB 49Marriage and family therapists regulated.
SB 64Long term care eligibility consideration of assets.
SB 66License may not be renewed if child support is owed.
SB 102Locations where Round Up Ready alfalfa is planted must be provided to Department of Agriculture.
SB 115South Dakota Board of Education rule-making authority revised.
SB 121Concentrated animal feeding operations must be bonded.
SB 125Abandoned mobile home or manufactured home may be sold under certain conditions.
SB 138Establish requirements related to certain animal traps.
SB 145Enforce South Dakota's existing country of origin labeling statute.
SB 154Energy transmission fund, increase in sale tax dedicated.
SB 157Education funding revised.
SB 165Mortgage lenders and brokers regulated.
SB 167Increase the daily bag limit at private shooting preserves.
SB 176South Dakota small business equity infusion subfund created.
SB 178Postsecondary technical institutes under the direction of the Board of Regents.
SB 205Energy production incentives.
SB 206Certificates of birth.
SB 208Tanning bed use regulated.
SB 209Boxing commission established.
SB 212Rural economic development zone created.
SB 216County gross receipts tax authorized.

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