HB 1001Board of Regents references to defunct programs repealed.
HB 1002Board of Regents statutes revised.
HB 1033Sanctions imposed for cheating on state achievement test.
HB 1034State accreditation of schools data to be submitted.
HB 1035Writing skills assessment requirement revised.
HB 1038Interstate school enrollment options program modified.
HB 1063University information technology appropriation.
HB 1064O'Harra Stadium improvements appropriation.
HB 1065Multi-use storage facility at South Dakota State University appropriation.
HB 1066Services to children diagnosed with low vision, appropriation.
HB 1082State aid to education revised.
HB 1083Dakota Valley School appropriation.
HB 1088Public schools may administer glucagon.
HB 1106Student open enrollment priority established.
HB 1109Disbursement of money to school districts and municipalities.
HB 1113Distance learning credit limited.
HB 1114Postsecondary technical institutes may engage in certain business activities.
HB 1115County auditor to raise additional revenue for education from property taxes under certain circumstances.
HB 1116School districts may refuse to accept open enrollees who have had disciplinary issues during the previous six months.
HB 1138Postsecondary technical institutes maintenance and repair appropriation.
HB 1139Education enhancement tobacco tax and health care tobacco tax trust funds created.
HB 1140School district general fund levies adjusted due to funds in the property tax reduction fund.
HB 1141Facility equity fund created.
HB 1142Increase the amounts of the annual awards given to recipients of the South Dakota opportunity scholarship.
HB 1146Education service agencies appropriation.
HB 1149Prohibit the firing of a firearm at any school building, vehicle, or premises.
HB 1158Computer use immunity for school districts.
HB 1159Create a facility equity fund to provide assistance to certain school districts with critical capital construction needs.
HB 1171Teacher compensation assistance program and education service agencies created and an appropriation.
HB 1198Mandatory kindergarten repealed.
HB 1205South Dakota Technical Institutes appropriation.
HB 1220State aid to education for growing districts.
HB 1221Career and technical education appropriation.
HB 1230Tuition rate may not be increased.
HB 1233School board vacancies, procedure to fill modified.
HB 1236Interstate enrollment options program with Iowa.
HB 1239Index factor used to determine state aid to education revised.
HB 1241Board of Regents may sell leased computers at the end of the lease.
HB 1246Methamphetamine treatment program appropriation.
HB 1247State aid to education revised.
HB 1261State aid to education index factor modified.
HB 1266Home schooled students may open enroll.
HB 1268Teach for America appropriation.
HB 1273School districts operating budget, mandates a fixed percentage to be spent for instructional purposes.
HB 1276Prairie High School District created.
HB 1277School district contractual agreements extended another year.
HB 1279Establish committee to study funding formula for the state technical institutes.
HB 1290Indian education in South Dakota.
HB 1291Teacher compensation assistance program created..
HB 1300School district report card.
HB 1307End of course exam development.
SB 15Students attending postsecondary educational institutions must be immunized.
SB 26Advanced Reading Enhancement Program repealed.
SB 27Office of Educational Technology repealed.
SB 28Children in need of special services mileage allowance revised.
SB 29Students with hearing or vision impairments, certain reporting requirements repealed.
SB 30Appropriation for costs related to payments to sparse school districts.
SB 31Appropriation to the Dakota Valley School District.
SB 32State aid formula adjusted for sparse school districts.
SB 33Kindergarten enrollment requirements modified.
SB 34Enrolled student definition changed.
SB 53Engineering building appropriation for South Dakota State University.
SB 54Board of Regents may convey real property to fraternities and sororities at South Dakota State University.
SB 56Seed technology facility appropriation.
SB 57Straw bale house construction at McCrory Gardens, appropriation.
SB 67Appropriation repealed regarding distribution of funds.
SB 68State institute fund purpose revised.
SB 69State aid funding for education in the state revised.
SB 71References to obsolete accounting funds repealed.
SB 87School board elections, combination of at-large and representative districts permitted.
SB 95State Board of Technical Institutes created.
SB 101School board governance policy.
SB 104Education enhancement tobacco tax fund created.
SB 105School district general fund levies adjusted due to funds from the property tax reduction fund.
SB 112Reimburse tribal colleges for costs of educating non-Indian students.
SB 115South Dakota Board of Education rule-making authority revised.
SB 116Education budget to be completed by legislative deadline.
SB 117Increase general funding for school districts.
SB 157Education funding revised.
SB 163School board members may be recalled.
SB 174State aid to education.
SB 178Postsecondary technical institutes under the direction of the Board of Regents.
SB 195High school interscholastic activities endowment.
SB 199Compulsory attendance age increased.
SB 203Local effort related to property taxes adjusted.

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