Emergency Clause

HB 1029Controlled substances schedule updated.
HB 1060Department of Corrections may purchase property in Rapid City.
HB 1061Human Papillomavirus vaccination initiative.
HB 1064O'Harra Stadium improvements appropriation.
HB 1075Wildfire suppression appropriation.
HB 1076Disaster related costs appropriation.
HB 1169Health insurance Zaniya Project created..
HB 1233School board vacancies, procedure to fill modified.
HB 1253Establish a task force to study the collection of certain financial obligations.
HB 1256General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2007 amended for School and Public Lands Office.
HB 1258Appropriate money for the methamphetamine treatment program.
HB 1279Establish committee to study funding formula for the state technical institutes.
SB 30Appropriation for costs related to payments to sparse school districts.
SB 52Board of Regents appropriation to purchase property in Brookings County.
SB 59General Appropriation Act for fiscal year 2007 revised.
SB 132Zaniya Project Task Force created.
SB 219Drought tolerance biotechnology research center appropriation.

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