Department of Education

HB 1033Sanctions imposed for cheating on state achievement test.
HB 1034State accreditation of schools data to be submitted.
HB 1035Writing skills assessment requirement revised.
HB 1036School district consolidation incentive appropriation.
HB 1037Health certification requirement for school personnel changed.
HB 1038Interstate school enrollment options program modified.
HB 1101Board of Regents maintenance and repair appropriation.
HB 1113Distance learning credit limited.
HB 1159Create a facility equity fund to provide assistance to certain school districts with critical capital construction needs.
HB 1205South Dakota Technical Institutes appropriation.
HB 1221Career and technical education appropriation.
HB 1246Methamphetamine treatment program appropriation.
HB 1268Teach for America appropriation.
HB 1276Prairie High School District created.
SB 26Advanced Reading Enhancement Program repealed.
SB 27Office of Educational Technology repealed.
SB 28Children in need of special services mileage allowance revised.
SB 29Students with hearing or vision impairments, certain reporting requirements repealed.
SB 30Appropriation for costs related to payments to sparse school districts.
SB 31Appropriation to the Dakota Valley School District.
SB 32State aid formula adjusted for sparse school districts.
SB 33Kindergarten enrollment requirements modified.
SB 34Enrolled student definition changed.
SB 95State Board of Technical Institutes created.
SB 116Education budget to be completed by legislative deadline.
SB 143Virtual library appropriation.

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