School Districts

HB 1033Sanctions imposed for cheating on state achievement test.
HB 1034State accreditation of schools data to be submitted.
HB 1035Writing skills assessment requirement revised.
HB 1036School district consolidation incentive appropriation.
HB 1037Health certification requirement for school personnel changed.
HB 1083Dakota Valley School appropriation.
HB 1084School district general fund tax levies adjusted.
HB 1088Public schools may administer glucagon.
HB 1106Student open enrollment priority established.
HB 1116School districts may refuse to accept open enrollees who have had disciplinary issues during the previous six months.
HB 1130The minimum bid requirement increased.
HB 1141Facility equity fund created.
HB 1146Education service agencies appropriation.
HB 1149Prohibit the firing of a firearm at any school building, vehicle, or premises.
HB 1158Computer use immunity for school districts.
HB 1184Gross receipts tax to be distributed to schools.
HB 1198Mandatory kindergarten repealed.
HB 1219Sex offender may not enter school grounds.
HB 1220State aid to education for growing districts.
HB 1233School board vacancies, procedure to fill modified.
HB 1236Interstate enrollment options program with Iowa.
HB 1239Index factor used to determine state aid to education revised.
HB 1261State aid to education index factor modified.
HB 1266Home schooled students may open enroll.
HB 1273School districts operating budget, mandates a fixed percentage to be spent for instructional purposes.
HB 1276Prairie High School District created.
HB 1277School district contractual agreements extended another year.
HB 1291Teacher compensation assistance program created..
HB 1300School district report card.
HB 1308Valuation of real property revised.
SB 30Appropriation for costs related to payments to sparse school districts.
SB 31Appropriation to the Dakota Valley School District.
SB 32State aid formula adjusted for sparse school districts.
SB 34Enrolled student definition changed.
SB 69State aid funding for education in the state revised.
SB 87School board elections, combination of at-large and representative districts permitted.
SB 101School board governance policy.
SB 117Increase general funding for school districts.
SB 163School board members may be recalled.

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