HB 1051Insurance producer license requirements modified.
HB 1052Coordination of benefits between health plans.
HB 1053Individual health insurance standards provided for health maintenance organizations.
HB 1054Independent audit of insurers.
HB 1103Damage disclosure statement notices to be posted.
HB 1166South Dakota Insurance Exchange established.
HB 1168Itemized statement of medical charges.
HB 1169Health insurance Zaniya Project created..
HB 1170Health insurance pool.
HB 1180Unconstitutional countersignature requirement repealed.
HB 1188Motor vehicle owner not liable for damages when sued by other driver who does not have proof of financial responsibility.
SB 39Claims information to be provided to property and casualty insureds.
SB 46Fraternal benefit societies tax exempt and licensure status revised.
SB 47Multiple employer welfare arrangements and other health insurance products regulated.
SB 48Consumer protection standards adopted for property and casualty insurance claims.
SB 65Coordination of benefits for medical assistance between the state and insurers.
SB 108Continuation of health insurance coverage for dependents.
SB 129Health insurance risk pool established.
SB 131Health insurance required.
SB 132Zaniya Project Task Force created.
SB 133Patients to receive an itemized statement of charges.
SB 139Workers compensation penalties imposed.
SB 186Long-term care insurance definition revised.
SB 213Moped owners to have proof of financial responsibility.

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