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Representative Thomas Van Norman

Primary Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1207 establish a pilot program to collect and maintain certain statistics related to traffic law enforcement.
HB 1209 allow unemployment benefits for an individual in the employ of a tribal government educational institution.
HB 1302 establish notification requirements for certain relatives of children in the custody of the Department of Social Services.
HB 1303 require the South Dakota State Library to deliver services and materials to residents in remote areas of the state, and to deliver those services and materials free of charge.
HB 1304 implement the recommendations of the Indian Child Welfare Commission.
HC 1006 Honoring Marletta Pacheco for her efforts as the founder of the South Dakota Prisoner Support Group.
HC 1007 Expressing appreciation to the groups and agencies associated with the observance of Native American Day at the Capitol.
HC 1033 Honoring Dora Brugier of Eagle Butte for her lifelong civic contributions as a Lakota storyteller, deacon, grandmother, aunt, mother, and community leader.
SB 89 direct the State-Tribal Relations Committee to hold hearings on certain issues related to Native American health care.
SB 90 provide for voluntary limitations on campaign spending for legislative office.
SB 101 authorize funding for certain tribal colleges to defray certain costs associated with educating nonbeneficiary students at tribal colleges and to make an appropriation therefor.

Co Sponsor

Bill Title
HB 1146 revise certain provisions regarding subsequent administration of an estate.
HB 1165 prohibit certain immunizations from containing more than trace amounts of mercury.
HB 1166 revise the distribution of revenues generated by Deadwood gaming.
HB 1216 eliminate the requirement that an application or request for an absentee ballot be notarized.
HB 1218 increase the maximum allowable outstanding amount of bonds issued by the Health and Educational Facility Authority on behalf of the four technical institutes.
HB 1219 revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2008 regarding appropriations to the Department of Education for the payment of bonds at the technical institutes.
HB 1220 make an appropriation to the postsecondary technical institutes for the maintenance and repair of buildings, and to declare an emergency.
HB 1221 create the postsecondary technical institute auxiliary fund and to provide continuing funding to the postsecondary technical institutes for the costs of maintenance and repair.
HB 1222 create the postsecondary technical institute auxiliary fund and to provide continuing funding from the future fund to the technical institutes for the start-up costs of new programs being created to meet workforce development needs.
HB 1223 create the postsecondary technical institute auxiliary fund and to provide continuing funding from the future fund to the technical institutes for the cost of replacing old or outdated equipment to meet workforce development needs.
HB 1242 require the Department of Education and the Board of Regents to establish certain programs for children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.
HB 1250 increase the salary for legislators.
HB 1272 revise the defined sources of renewable electricity and recycled energy.
HB 1290 exempt certain entities from certain requirements for persons in the business of mortgage lending.
HB 1291 allow students who have dyslexia to receive special education or special education and related services.
HB 1306 allow certain students to participate in the opportunity scholarship program under certain circumstances.
HB 1310 authorize the construction of nursing facilities on American Indian reservations under certain circumstances.
HC 1001 Honoring LaBradford Eagle Deer for addressing the United Nations on October 17, 2007, in observance of the twentieth annual International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.
HC 1002 Honoring Louie Krogman of White River, South Dakota, for setting the all-time scoring record for South Dakota boys' high school basketball.
HC 1003 Honoring Brittany Davis of Waubay as the 2008 South Dakota Snow Queen.
HC 1009 Honoring Drew Carroll for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.
HC 1010 Honoring Drew Whitney for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.
HC 1011 Honoring the life, character, and achievements of Chief David Beautiful Bald Eagle.
HC 1013 Honoring Lisa Jan Thvedt, of Beresford, South Dakota, for being selected to represent her state as South Dakota's Junior Miss 2007 in the America's Junior Miss Scholarship Program in Mobile, Alabama.
HC 1020 Honoring the 2007 Todd County High School Cross Country Team and the students and staff involved in the boys and girls cross country program.
HC 1023 Honoring the 2007 University of Sioux Falls Football Team and the students and staff involved in the football program.
HC 1024 Honoring Toby Flint of Brookings as a recipient of a 2008 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.
HC 1035 Honoring Sarah Thvedt as a distinguished finalist for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.
HC 1037 Commending and honoring Casimir Ziolkowski for pushing forward with his father's dream of the Crazy Horse Memorial.
HCR 1002 To commend Taiwan on its contributions to the promotion of freedom, democracy, and human rights, and to support its efforts to join certain international organizations.
HCR 1003 Supporting a Taiwan-United States free trade agreement.
HCR 1004 Encouraging the use of sunscreen and discouraging young persons from using tanning devices.
HCR 1005 To declare March 29, 2008, as Vietnam Veterans Day, in South Dakota.
HCR 1009 Supporting full funding, at the federal level, for immigration and custom enforcement officers for the detention of persons who have been determined to be in South Dakota illegally and have been reported to them by local law enforcement officers.
HJR 1002 Proposing and submitting to the electors at the next general election an amendment to Article XIV of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota to clarify which educational institutions are under the control of the Board of Regents.
HJR 1003 To propose a constitutional amendment to repeal certain reimbursement restrictions for travel by legislators to and from a legislative session.
HJR 1004 To propose a constitutional amendment to provide for a maximum of forty legislative days each year.
SB 10 include Dakota and Nakota with certain requirements for instruction in the Lakota language.
SB 71 establish a rural community-based energy development program.
SB 91 establish design and construction standards for newly constructed or renovated state buildings, public school facilities, and higher education facilities.
SB 100 revise the definition of certain public entities that are prohibited from making political campaign contributions.
SB 118 establish a wind energy incentive payment program and to make an appropriation therefor.
SB 145 revise the definition of an opportunity wage for the purposes of the minimum wage requirement.
SB 146 repeal certain provisions regarding the minimum wage for tipped employees.
SB 159 allow the discretionary formula for reduced property taxation to be applied to research facilities.
SB 160 require the Unified Judicial System to provide internet access to certain criminal history information.
SB 164 clarify the application of certain statutes relative to contraception and birth control.
SB 170 authorize a loan from the REDI fund for the purpose of constructing an equine processing facility.
SB 172 appropriate money to the Department of Public Safety to fund the South Dakota Highway Patrol.
SB 176 authorize the Legislative Research Council to remodel, renovate, and furnish certain facilities on the fourth floor of the State Capitol Building for use by the Legislature, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.
SB 179 increase general funding for school districts, to impose a temporary limit on the growth of state general fund spending, and to suspend the transfer of moneys from the general fund to the budget reserve fund, and to the property tax reduction fund.
SB 192 authorize the Board of Regents to lease a site for delivery of public higher education in Pierre and to use money appropriated by the Legislature from the higher education facilities fund to make lease payments therefor.
SC 1 Honoring and supporting Czech Days in Tabor, South Dakota, on the occasion of its sixtieth anniversary.
SC 8 Recognizing and congratulating the Scotland Highlander Football Team for winning the 2007 State Class 9A Football Championship.
SC 10 Honoring an outstanding South Dakota newspaperman, Wayne Bertrand, of Scotland, South Dakota, on his induction into the South Dakota Newspaper Hall of Fame.
SC 11 Honoring an outstanding South Dakota newspaperman, Ralph Nachtigal for his numerous contributions to the state of South Dakota and the newspaper industry.
SC 14 Commending the Stratford Community Theatre and its many volunteers for building social and economic bonds in their local communities through the performing arts.
SC 16 Recognizing 2007 as the Year of the Coaches at Scotland High School.
SC 17 Honoring an outstanding South Dakota baseball enthusiast and family man Clement C. Fejfar of Tabor, South Dakota, for his unwavering commitment to his country, family, and community.
SC 18 Commending and honoring the 2007 Habitat for Humanity—South Dakota Habitat Supporters of the Year: Laurie Shelton, Huron, Beadle County Habitat for Humanity; Barbara Garcia and Mayor Jim Shaw, Rapid City, Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity; Steve Helling, Brookings, Brookings Area Habitat for Humanity; Melanie Urich, Dacotah Tipis Habitat for Humanity; Rita Edwards, Madison, East Central SD Habitat for Humanity; Harry Kittams, Sioux Falls, Greater Sioux Falls Habitat for Humanity; Doris Holden, Pierre, Oahe Habitat for Humanity; First Financial Bank USA, Okiciyapi Tipi Habitat for Humanity; Clint Waara, Pierre, Sicangu Tikaga Okiciyapi Habitat for Humanity; Thomas Burns, Watertown, Watertown Region Habitat for Humanity; Barb Mechtenberg, Habitat for Humanity of Yankton County; Sicangu Takaga Okiciyapi Habitat for Humanity, Habitat for Humanity Midwest Resource Center; and StarMark, Sioux Falls, Habitat for Humanity—South Dakota, Inc.
SC 19 Honoring an outstanding South Dakota couple, Leonard and Mildred Cimpl, of Tabor, South Dakota, on receiving the Ben Black Elk Award which recognizes individuals who make outstanding contributions to South Dakota's tourism industry.
SCR 1 Supporting the use of video cameras in state, tribal, and local law enforcement vehicles.
SCR 2 Urging Congress to provide additional funding for tribal historic preservation offices.
SCR 5 Urging the Midwest Independent System Operator to reconsider its pricing methodology with respect to certain energy transmission costs.
SCR 12 Recognizing the United States of America Women's Olympic Softball Team.

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