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36-24-1      Definition of terms.
36-24-1.1      Hearing aid defined.
36-24-1.2      Audiologist defined.
36-24-1.3      Hearing aid dispenser defined.
36-24-1.4      Instruction defined.
36-24-1.5      Research defined.
36-24-1.6      Scope of audiology.
36-24-2      Board of hearing aid dispensers and audiologists created.
36-24-3      Composition of board--Qualifications.
36-24-4      Appointments to board.
36-24-4.1      Lay member of board--Appointment and term of office.
36-24-5      Terms of office of board members.
36-24-6      Limitation on reappointment of board member.
36-24-7      Vacancies on board.
36-24-8      Election of chairman and secretary-treasurer of board.
36-24-9      Meetings of board.
36-24-9.1      Per diem and expenses of board.
36-24-10      Repealed.
36-24-10.1      Board continued within Department of Health--Records and reports.
36-24-11      Disposition of money received by board--Board of hearing aid dispensers and audiologists account of general fund.
36-24-12      Repealed.
36-24-12.1      Authority of Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers and Audiologists.
36-24-13      Repealed.
36-24-13.1 to 36-24-13.3. Repealed.
36-24-13.4      Student participation.
36-24-14      Physicians exempt from chapter.
36-24-15      Repealed.
36-24-16      License required for practice.
36-24-17      Repealed.
36-24-17.1      Application form and fees.
36-24-17.2      Qualifications of applicant for hearing aid dispensing.
36-24-17.3      Qualifications for audiologist applicant.
36-24-17.4      Audiologist license pending approval.
36-24-18      Examination of applicant--Notice to appear.
36-24-19      Dates of qualifying examinations.
36-24-20      Scope of qualifying examinations.
36-24-21      Repealed.
36-24-21.1      Issuance of license--Fee.
36-24-22      Repealed.
36-24-23      Omitted.
36-24-24      Repealed.
36-24-24.1      Effect of statutes on licensee.
36-24-24.2      Provisional hearing aid dispensing license--Scope of provisional license.
36-24-24.3      Provisional audiology license--Terms.
36-24-25      Repealed.
36-24-25.1      Issuance of license to out-of-state licensee.

36-24-25.2      Foreign educated applicant.
36-24-26, 36-24-27. Repealed.
36-24-28      Repealed.
36-24-28.1      Expiration of license--Renewal.
36-24-29      Repealed.
36-24-29.1      Failure to renew--Reinstatement--New license.
36-24-29.2      Renewal of suspended license--Reinstatement of revoked license.
36-24-30      Posting of certificate of license--Violation a misdemeanor.
36-24-31      Business address of licensee given to board--Board record required.
36-24-32      Notices to licensees by board--Mailing to business address.
36-24-33      Receipt for sale of hearing aid--Contents--Refund--Violation as misdemeanor.
36-24-34      Sale of certificate or license prohibited--Violation a misdemeanor.
36-24-35      Purchase of license prohibited--Violation a misdemeanor.
36-24-36      Alteration of license prohibited--Violation a misdemeanor.
36-24-37      Use of purchased, fraudulently obtained or altered license prohibited--Violation a misdemeanor.
36-24-38      False statement in application for license or renewal prohibited--Violation a misdemeanor.
36-24-39      Repealed.
36-24-39.1      Grounds for disciplinary action.
36-24-39.2      Disciplinary actions.
36-24-40      Repealed.
36-24-41      Procedure for suspension, revocation or denial of license.
36-24-42      Enforcement of chapter by board--Election of remedies.
36-24-43      Repealed.
36-24-44      Injunctive relief.
36-24-45      Hearing aid dispensing license holder prior to July 1, 1997.
36-24-46      Promulgation of rules.

Title 36
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