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36-9A-1      Definition of terms.
36-9A-2      Board license required to practice as nurse practitioner or nurse midwife.
36-9A-2.1      Temporary permit to practice.
36-9A-2.2      License to practice of person licensed under laws of other state.
36-9A-2.3      Temporary permit issued to person licensed under laws of other state.
36-9A-3      Unlicensed practice permitted in certain situations.
36-9A-4      Licensing requirements.
36-9A-5      Joint control by nursing board and medical and osteopathic examiners board.
36-9A-5.1      Board to appoint advisory committee--Terms--Duties.
36-9A-6      Quorum required of boards--Concurrence required for action--Record of proceedings.
36-9A-7      Subpoena and inspection powers of boards.
36-9A-8      Delegation of activities to members or employees.
36-9A-9      Filing of application for licensure--Form--Fee--Issuance of license.
36-9A-9.1      Criminal background investigation of applicants for licensure and licensees under disciplinary investigation--Fees.
36-9A-10      Repealed.
36-9A-11      Title used by nurse practitioner or nurse midwife.
36-9A-12      Nurse practitioner functions.
36-9A-13      Nurse midwife functions.
36-9A-13.1      Advanced practice nursing functions.
36-9A-14      Practice of pharmacy prohibited.
36-9A-15      "Collaborative agreement" defined.
36-9A-16      Repealed.
36-9A-17      Advanced practice nursing and medical functions--Collaborative agreement required.
36-9A-17.1      Modification of collaboration--Method and frequency.
36-9A-17.2      Collaborative agreement not to include abortion.
36-9A-17.3      Waiver of collaborative agreement requirement.
36-9A-18      Repealed.
36-9A-19      Hospital services--Rules and regulations.
36-9A-20      Practice status altered--New or amended collaborative agreement required.
36-9A-21      Repealed.
36-9A-21.1      List of approved programs.
36-9A-22      Renewal of license.
36-9A-23      Notice of renewal--Issuance of renewal license.
36-9A-24      Reinstatement of lapsed license.
36-9A-25      Inactive status--Request for.
36-9A-26      Fees.
36-9A-27      Deposit of fees--Withdrawal--Report of receipts and expenditures.
36-9A-28      Balance of fees--Use--Deficit shared between boards.
36-9A-29      Revocation or suspension of license--Grounds.
36-9A-30      Revocation or suspension of license--Initiation of proceedings.
36-9A-31      Revocation or suspension of license--Procedure.
36-9A-32      Revocation or suspension of license--Physical or mental condition of holder--Examination.
36-9A-33      Appeal of revocation or suspension.
36-9A-34      Reissuance of revoked or suspended license.
36-9A-35      Prohibited acts.

36-9A-36      Proof of single act only required.
36-9A-37      Prosecution of violations.
36-9A-38      Enjoining violations.
36-9A-39      Temporary injunction--Grounds.
36-9A-40      Injunction an alternative to criminal proceedings.
36-9A-41      Promulgation of rules by boards.
36-9A-42      Locum tenens license.
36-9A-43      Requirements for receiving locum tenens license--Petition.
36-9A-44      Renewal of locum tenens license.
36-9A-45      Post-graduate studies required to renew locum tenens license.
36-9A-46      Application by nurse practitioner or midwife for locum tenens license.

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