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1-16E-28 Report to Governor and Legislature.
     1-16E-28.   Report to Governor and Legislature. The authority shall submit to the Governor and the Legislature within ninety days of the close of its fiscal year a complete and detailed report setting forth:
             (1)      Its operations and accomplishments;
             (2)      Its receipts and expenditures during such fiscal year in accordance with the categories or classifications established by the authority for its operating and capital outlay purposes;
             (3)      Its assets and liabilities at the end of its fiscal year, including a schedule of its loans and commitments and the status of reserve, special or other funds; and
             (4)      A schedule of its notes and bonds outstanding at the end of its fiscal year, together with a statement of the amounts redeemed and incurred during such fiscal year.

Source: SL 1986, ch 16, § 29.

Chapter 1-16E

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