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1-26-2.1 Small business impact statements--Content.
     1-26-2.1.   Small business impact statements--Content. An agency shall, when submitting any proposed rule that will have a direct impact on small business, prepare an impact statement that includes the following:
             (1)      A narrative explanation in plain, easy-to-read language of the effect of the rule on small business, the basis for its enactments, and why the rule is needed;
             (2)      An identification and estimate of the number of small businesses subject to the proposed rule;
             (3)      The projected reporting and recordkeeping required for compliance with the proposed rule, including the types of professional skills necessary for preparation of the report or record;
             (4)      A statement of the probable effect on impacted small business; and
             (5)      A description of any less intrusive or less costly alternative methods of achieving the purpose of the proposed rule.
     An agency is only required to use readily available information and existing resources to prepare the impact statement.

Source: SL 2004, ch 20, § 2; SL 2006, ch 8, § 1.

Chapter 1-26

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