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11-3-6 Municipal approval for adjoining addition or subdivision--Conformity to existing plats and...
     11-3-6.   Municipal approval for adjoining addition or subdivision--Conformity to existing plats and regulations--Taxes and special assessments--Certification--Appeal of denial. The provisions of this chapter apply to every addition to, or subdivision within, any county, municipality, or unincorporated town. If the land or any part of the land included in any addition or subdivision is within, adjoining, or contiguous to the boundaries of any municipality, the plat, before being recorded, shall be submitted to the governing body or, if applicable, the planning director of the municipality. If it appears that the system of streets set forth therein conforms to the system of streets of the existing plats of the municipality, that all provisions of any subdivision regulations have been complied with, that all taxes and special assessments upon the tract or subdivision have been fully paid, and that such plat and the survey thereof have been executed according to law, the governing body shall, by resolution, approve the plat. The governing body may by resolution designate an administrative official of the municipality to approve plats in lieu of approval by the governing body. The auditor or finance officer shall endorse on the face of the plat a copy of the resolution or the designated administrative official's approval and certify to the same. No plat of any such addition or subdivision so situated may be recorded unless the plat bears on its face a copy of the resolution or approval and certificate of the auditor or finance officer. If the designated administrative official denies the plat request, the person requesting the plat may appeal to the governing body.

Source: SDC 1939, § 45.2806; SL 1959, ch 272, § 2; SL 1979, ch 93, § 7; SL 1997, ch 74, § 1; SL 2006, ch 64, § 1.

Chapter 11-3

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