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13-7-1, 13-7-2.      Repealed.
13-7-3      Public offices incompatible with board membership.
13-7-4      Registration of voters--Notice of registration.
13-7-4.1      Repealed.
13-7-4.2      Registration and residence required to vote in school election--Residence defined--Challenge--Contest of election.
13-7-5      Publication of notice of vacancies on school board--Newly created school districts.
13-7-6      Filing of candidate's nominating petition--Formal declaration of candidacy--Contents, circulation, and verification of nominating petition.
13-7-6.1      Option to adopt campaign finance law.
13-7-6.2      Candidate's nominating petition in newly created school district.
13-7-7      Withdrawal by candidate for board membership.
13-7-8      Publication of notice of election--Contents--Facsimile of ballot.
13-7-8.1      Notice of special election.
13-7-9      Election not held if no contest or question--Certificates of election.
13-7-9.1      Death or withdrawal of candidate resulting in no contest.
13-7-9.5, 13-7-9.6.      Repealed.
13-7-10      Date and hours of annual school elections--Procedure for absentee voting, voter registration, and counting ballots.
13-7-10.1      Joint school district and municipal elections authorized--Date--Sharing costs and responsibilities.
13-7-10.2      Notices and nomination procedure for certain joint elections.
13-7-10.3      Joint school board and primary elections.
13-7-10.4      Notices and nomination procedure for joint board and primary elections.
13-7-11      Voting precincts and polling places.
13-7-12      Precinct superintendents and precinct deputies of school elections--Compensation.
13-7-13      Ballots and election supplies--Form and content of ballots--Absentee ballots.
13-7-14      Absentee voting in school elections.
13-7-15, 13-7-16.      Repealed.
13-7-17      Certification of school district election returns--Preservation of ballots and ballot boxes.
13-7-18      Canvass of election results--Certificates of election--Certification of results.
13-7-19      Repealed.
13-7-19.1      Tie vote--Recount procedure--Resolution by lot.
13-7-19.2      Close margin in school board election--Request for recount--Recount board established.
13-7-19.3      Close margin in school election--Petition for recount--Appointment of recount board--Production of ballot boxes--Disputes.
13-7-19.4      Compensation of recount board.
13-7-20      Repealed.
13-7-21 to 13-7-26.      Repealed.
13-7-27      Definitions.
13-7-28, 13-7-29. Repealed.

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