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16-13-1      Master jury list for each county--Courts by which used--Summons to supply deficiency--Annual compilation of list.
16-13-2      Minimum number of names placed on master jury list.
16-13-2.1      Repealed.
16-13-3      Repealed.
16-13-3.1      Repealed.
16-13-4      Repealed.
16-13-4.1      Jury selection list to consist of voter registration list supplemented by driver license list.
16-13-5      Repealed.
16-13-5.1 to 16-13-8. Repealed.
16-13-9      Repealed.
16-13-9.1      Master jury list defined.
16-13-9.2      Random selection of names placed on master jury list--Number of names--Electronic process authorized.
16-13-9.3      Repealed.
16-13-9.4, 16-13-9.5. Repealed.
16-13-9.6      Repealed.
16-13-10      Qualifications of jurors.
16-13-10.1      Policy of state regarding jury selection and service.
16-13-10.2      Discrimination prohibited.
16-13-10.3      Certain elderly persons may be excused upon request.
16-13-10.4      Breastfeeding mothers and new parents exempt from jury duty.
16-13-11      Repealed.
16-13-12      Repealed.
16-13-13      Signing and filing of master juror list--Preparation of separate tickets by clerk of court--Electronic process authorized.
16-13-14      Repealed.
16-13-15      Review of qualifications of jurors on master jury list--Removal of disqualified persons from list--Record of reasons for disqualification.
16-13-16 to 16-13-18. Repealed.
16-13-18.1      Random selection process defined.
16-13-18.2      Enforcement of chapter by Supreme Court.
16-13-18.3      Responsibility of circuit presiding judge--Variation of process to meet local conditions--Approval and filing of variations.
16-13-18.4      Creation of jury district for county with population of less than five thousand.
16-13-19      Additional selections if master list inadequate.
16-13-20      Summons of grand jury.
16-13-21      Circuit court order required for summons of grand jury.
16-13-22      Circuit court order for selection of petit jury--Specifications of order.
16-13-23      Time for selection of jury panels.
16-13-24, 16-13-25. Repealed.
16-13-26      Repealed.
16-13-27      Electronic selection system used to fill jury panels.
16-13-28      Disregard and replacement of jurors who have served.
16-13-29      First names drawn as grand jury.
16-13-30      Omitted.

16-13-31      Panel not invalidated by irregularity--Dismissal of panel after misfeasance or malfeasance.
16-13-31.1      Preservation of jury selection records--Public inspection.
16-13-32      Neglect of officer's duty or malfeasance as contempt of court.
16-13-33      Improper listing of names drawn as misdemeanor.
16-13-34      Notice to jurors drawn for circuit court panel--Return of acceptance of service.
16-13-35      Service by sheriff on circuit court juror failing to return acceptance of service--Fees deducted from juror's compensation.
16-13-36      Repealed.
16-13-37      Judges to prescribe manner in which jury panels utilized and how summoned.
16-13-37.1      Magistrate court utilization of jury panels.
16-13-38      Repealed.
16-13-39      Magistrate court powers and procedure in summoning jury and witnesses.
16-13-40      Repealed.
16-13-41      Duty of jurors to appear when summoned.
16-13-41.1      Discharge or suspension from employment for jury service as misdemeanor.
16-13-41.2      Retention of employment status during jury status--Pay.
16-13-42      Summons of additional jurors to supply deficiencies in panel--Procedure where jury list exhausted.
16-13-43      Summons of additional jurors when panel exhausted by challenges.
16-13-44      Application for jury duty prohibited--Report to circuit court--Violation as misdemeanor.
16-13-45      Failure to appear for jury duty or return jury questionnaire as contempt of court--Penalty.
16-13-46      Jurors' per diem and mileage--Appearance fee--Certification and payment.
16-13-47      Jurors' expenses and fees in cases on violation of municipal laws.
16-13-47.1      Weekly payment of jurors.
16-13-48      Repealed.
16-13-49      Permitting improper communication with jury as misdemeanor.

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