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16-22-23 Meetings of oversight council--Termination--Powers and duties.
     16-22-23.   Meetings of oversight council--Termination--Powers and duties. The oversight council shall meet within ninety days after appointment and shall meet at least semiannually thereafter. The oversight council terminates five years after its first meeting, unless the Legislature, by joint resolution, continues the oversight council for a specified period of time.
     The oversight council has the following powers and duties:
             (1)      Review the recommendations of the criminal justice initiative work group in the final report dated November 2012, and track implementation and evaluate compliance with this chapter;
             (2)      Review performance and outcome measures proposed by the Department of Corrections, Unified Judicial System, and Department of Social Services;
             (3)      Review performance and outcome measure reports submitted semiannually by the Department of Corrections and Unified Judicial System pursuant to §§ 1-54-9, 16-22-7, 16-22-10, 16-22-12, 16-22-14, 16-22-20, 16-22-24, 23A-47-8, 24-15A-47, 24-15A-49, and 24-15A-53 and evaluate the impact of § 23A-4-3;
             (4)      Review of behavioral health intervention outcomes delivered to probationers and parolees administered by Department of Social Services pursuant to § 16-22-24;
             (5)      Review the payments of the reinvestment fund to counties, pursuant to § 1-15-36, the number of probationers above the trend line, and the rate of felony convictions to prison and probation by each county;
             (6)      Review the number and length of stay of offenders admitted to the Department of Corrections, particularly in the categories included in this chapter;
             (7)      Review the activities of §§ 23A-27-18.1, 32-23-4.1, 32-23-4.6, and 32-23-4.9, including:
             (a)      The number of offenders supervised and the number of violations of the conditions pursuant to § 32-23-4.9; and
             (b)      The number and percent of offenders in § 23A-27-18.1 imprisoned in the county jail for more than one hundred eighty days; and
             (8)      Prepare and submit an annual summary report of the performance and outcome measures that are part of this chapter to the Legislature, Governor, and Chief Justice. The report should include recommendations for improvements and a summary of savings generated from this chapter.

Source: SL 2013, ch 101, § 69.

Chapter 16-22

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