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21-18-1      Actions or small claims proceedings in which garnishment available--Persons and agencies subject to garnishment.
21-18-2      Plaintiff and defendant defined.
21-18-2.1      Earnings subject to garnishment.
21-18-3      Plaintiff's affidavit for garnishment--Contents.
21-18-3.1      Garnishment prohibited before judgment.
21-18-4      Affidavit covering more than one garnishee--Joint and several proceedings.
21-18-5      Repealed.
21-18-6      Garnishee summons annexed to affidavit--Form.
21-18-7      Service of summons, affidavit, and garnishment disclosure on garnishee.
21-18-8      Service of summons, affidavit, and garnishment disclosure when state is garnishee.
21-18-9      Fee paid to garnishee for expense of garnishment disclosure.
21-18-10      Service of garnishee summons and affidavit on defendant.
21-18-11      Time and manner of service of summons, affidavit, and garnishment disclosure--Return--Payment or retention of property by garnishee.
21-18-12      Liability of garnishee to plaintiff after service of summons.
21-18-13      Property held under void title included in garnishee's liability.
21-18-14      Repealed.
21-18-14.1      Continuing lien on wages--Caption of garnishee summons--Disclosure forms.
21-18-14.2      Repealed.
21-18-15      Judgment not rendered on garnishee's liability on negotiable instrument.
21-18-16      Judgment not rendered on foreign corporation's liability paid by negotiable instrument.
21-18-17      Judgment not rendered on carrier's liability for property in interstate commerce.
21-18-18      Judgment not rendered against officer for property collected on legal process.
21-18-19      Judgment not rendered on money accountable by public officer.
21-18-20 to 21-18-22. Repealed.
21-18-23      Partial release of garnished funds on application by defendant.
21-18-24      Subsequent proceedings against additional or discharged garnishees--Summons and trial in other counties.
21-18-25      Actions by principal defendant against garnishee prohibited during garnishment--Stay of pending proceedings.
21-18-26      Garnishee's affidavit denying liability--Form.
21-18-27      Garnishee's garnishment disclosure liability--Time of filing--Contents.
21-18-27.1      Service of garnishment disclosure form on garnishee--Contents of form.
21-18-28      Disclosure of liability when state is garnishee.
21-18-29      Disclosure by garnishee not made on information and belief--State excepted.
21-18-30      Garnishee's answer conclusive unless issue taken--Trial of issues.
21-18-31      Motion for order on answer of garnishee and defendant--Affidavit.
21-18-32      Payment to officer or clerk by garnishee--Discharge.
21-18-33      Retention of property disclosed by garnishee until expiration of garnishment, levy, release, or court order--Return of property to defendant.
21-18-34      Payment to clerk by state as garnishee--Exoneration of state.
21-18-35      Order to interplead adverse claimant disclosed by garnishee--Payment by garnishee and discharge--Service of notice on claimant.
21-18-36      Answer or defense by adverse claimant--Judgment on default.
21-18-37      Answer by other parties to affirmative claim set up by adverse claimant.

21-18-38      Default judgment for adverse claimant--Trial of issues on adverse claim.
21-18-39      Judgment against garnishee on failure to answer.
21-18-40      Judgment not entered against state as garnishee--Summons of state operating as assignment.
21-18-41      Order for payment by state as garnishee after judgment against principal defendant--Service and payment by state auditor.
21-18-42      Defense of garnishment proceedings by principal defendant--Grounds.
21-18-43      Defense of action by garnishee.
21-18-44      Garnishment proceedings deemed civil action--Procedural rules applicable.
21-18-45      Repealed.
21-18-46      Right to jury trial in garnishment proceedings.
21-18-47      Terms of judgment on garnishment proceedings--Orders for sale or disposition of property.
21-18-48      Judgment against garnishee as discharge of liability to defendant.
21-18-49      Costs awarded in garnishment action.
21-18-50      Storage and maintenance expenses allowed to garnishee--Possessory lien.
21-18-51      Maximum amount subject to garnishment.
21-18-52      Maximum garnishment allowed for support of any person.
21-18-53      Extent of debtor exemption.

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