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22-14-1 to 22-14-4.      Repealed.
22-14-5      Possession of firearm with altered serial number--Felony--Exception.
22-14-6      Possession of controlled weapon--Felony--Exceptions.
22-14-7      Reckless discharge of firearm or shooting of bow and arrow--Leaving trip device--Possession of loaded firearm while intoxicated--Misdemeanor.
22-14-8      Concealment of weapon with intent to commit felony--Felony.
22-14-9      Carrying concealed pistol or revolver without a permit--Misdemeanor.
22-14-9.1      Person possessing concealed pistol to have physical possession of valid permit--Violation as petty offense--Charge dismissed.
22-14-9.2      Holders of permits from reciprocal states subject to South Dakota laws--Misdemeanor.
22-14-10      Lawful uses of unloaded pistols or revolvers--Concealment--Exempt from permit requirement.
22-14-11      License not required for weapon in own home, business, or property.
22-14-12      Commission of felony while armed with firearms--Felony--Minimum sentences--Consecutive sentencing--Execution of sentence.
22-14-13      Repealed.
22-14-13.1      Repealed.
22-14-14      Armed felony to be charged separately from principal felony charge--No offense charged when dangerous weapon an element of principal felony.
22-14-15      Possession of firearm by one with prior violent crime conviction or certain drug-related conviction--Felony--Fifteen-year period.
22-14-15.1      Possession of firearm by one with prior drug conviction--Felony--Exception.
22-14-15.2      Possession of firearm by one convicted of misdemeanor crime involving domestic violence--Misdemeanor--Civil rights restored--Repeal of section--Order restoring rights.
22-14-15.3      Firearm defined for §§ 22-14-15 and 22-14-15.1.
22-14-16      Providing firearm to person with known prior violent crime conviction--Felony.
22-14-17      Firearms incapable of discharge exempt.
22-14-18      Repealed.
22-14-19      Repealed.
22-14-20      Discharge of firearm at occupied structure or motor vehicle--Felony.
22-14-21      Discharge of firearm from moving motor vehicle within municipality--Felony.
22-14-22      County courthouse defined.
22-14-23      Possession in county courthouse--Misdemeanor.
22-14-24      Exceptions to penalty for possession in a county courthouse.
22-14-25      Power of court to punish and promulgate rules.
22-14-26      Notice of provisions to be posted at county courthouse.
22-14-27      Concealed weapons permit not a defense.
22-14-28      Waiver of provisions.
22-14-29      Repealed.
22-14-30      Transferred.

Title 22
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