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22-18-1      Simple assault--Misdemeanor--Felony for subsequent offenses.
22-18-1.05      Simple or aggravated assault against law enforcement officer, Department of Corrections employee or person under contract, or other public officer.
22-18-1.1      Aggravated assault--Felony.
22-18-1.2      Criminal battery of an unborn child--Misdemeanor.
22-18-1.3      Aggravated criminal battery of an unborn child--Felony.
22-18-1.4      Aggravated battery of an infant--Felony.
22-18-1.5      Assaults with intent to cause serious permanent disfigurement--Felony.
22-18-2      Justifiable force used by public officer in performance of duty--Assistance or direction of officer.
22-18-3      Lawful force in arrest and delivery of felon.
22-18-4      Justifiable use of force to protect property--Use of deadly force--Duty to retreat.
22-18-5      Reasonable force used by parent, guardian, or teacher in correcting child, pupil, or ward.
22-18-6      Reasonable force used by carrier to expel passenger--Vehicle stopped.
22-18-7 to 22-18-25.      Repealed.
22-18-26      Assault by convicted or incarcerated person under Department of Corrections jurisdiction--Intentionally causing contact with bodily fluids or human waste--Felony.
22-18-26.1      Intentionally causing contact with bodily fluids or human waste--Assault upon any other person--Misdemeanor.
22-18-27, 22-18-28.      Repealed.
22-18-29      Assault by adult prisoner in county or municipal jail--Intentionally causing contact with bodily fluids or human waste--Felony.
22-18-29.1      Assault by juvenile confined in detention facility or juvenile corrections facility--Intentionally causing contact with bodily fluids or human waste--Felony.
22-18-30      Violation as third or subsequent offense--Use of offense in another state.
22-18-31      Intentional exposure to HIV infection a felony.
22-18-32      Definition of terms.
22-18-33      Informed consent of person exposed to HIV an affirmative defense.
22-18-34      Actual transmission of HIV not required for criminal exposure.
22-18-35      Disorderly conduct--Misdemeanor.
22-18-36      Vehicular battery.
22-18-37      Female genital mutilation--Felony.
22-18-38      Religion, custom, or consent not a defense to female genital mutilation .
22-18-39      Certain surgical procedures permitted.
22-18-40      Standing on highway with intent to impede or stop traffic--Misdemeanor.

Title 22
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