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22-25-1      Gambling defined--Keeping gambling establishment--Letting building for gambling--Misdemeanor.
22-25-2      Repealed.
22-25-3      Repealed.
22-25-4, 22-25-5.      Repealed.
22-25-6      Unlawful betting on animal races as common nuisance--Petty offense.
22-25-7 to 22-25-12.      Repealed.
22-25-13      Keeping slot machines--Free play machines excepted--Misdemeanor--Manufacture not prohibited.
22-25-14      Slot machine and premises public nuisance--Manufacture not prohibited.
22-25-14.1      Antique slot machine operated for nongambling purposes as defense--Preservation and return of antique machines.
22-25-15 to 22-25-18.      Repealed.
22-25-19, 22-25-20.      Repealed.
22-25-21      Repealed.
22-25-22      Repealed.
22-25-23      Bingo defined.
22-25-24      Lottery defined.
22-25-25      Bingo and lotteries permitted for restricted purposes--Conditions.
22-25-25.1      Congressionally chartered veterans' organization defined.
22-25-26      Unauthorized bingo or lottery as misdemeanor.
22-25-27      Provision of chapter not applicable to state lottery.
22-25-28      Distributor license required for sale of bingo and lottery equipment and supplies--Purchase or lease permitted from licensed distributors only--Annual license fee--Renewal of license--Distributor defined--Exemption for rental of noncommercial use.
22-25-29      Manufacturer license required of manufacturers selling bingo and lottery equipment and supplies--Annual license fee--Renewal of license--Sales from manufacturers to distributors--Manufacturer defined.
22-25-30      Application for license--Forms--Verification.
22-25-31      Distributor personnel form--Verification.
22-25-32      Certain organizations not to be distributors or manufacturers.
22-25-33      Certain persons not to have interest in distributorship or manufacturer.
22-25-34      Additional persons who may not have interest in distributorship or manufacturer.
22-25-35      Distributors, manufacturers, and persons with interest therein not to lease premises to organizations conducting bingo or lotteries.
22-25-36      Filing of change in information.
22-25-37      Maintenance of records and sales invoices--Form and contents.
22-25-38      Examination of books and records.
22-25-39      Sales to out-of-state customers.
22-25-40      Delivery of equipment and supplies sold for in-state use.
22-25-41      Sale of coin-operated machines and mechanical pull-tab dispensing devices prohibited--Exceptions.
22-25-42      Separate statement of rebates and discounts.
22-25-43      Limit on gifts, premiums, and prizes from distributors and manufacturers.
22-25-44      Use of deal of pull-tabs as sales promotion.

22-25-45      Return of equipment, supplies, and pull-tabs--Recordation of transaction.
22-25-46      Requirements for deal of pull-tabs.
22-25-47      Numbering of disposable bingo cards.
22-25-48      Tax imposed on distributors--Payment.
22-25-49      Promulgation of rules.
22-25-50      Violation as misdemeanor--Second or subsequent violation as felony.
22-25-51      Inapplicability of §§ 22-25-28 to 22-25-51, inclusive, to state lottery.
22-25-52      Maximum duration of lottery--Refund of ticket price--Remittance of unclaimed refund--Deceptive trade practice.

Title 22
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