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22-30A THEFT


22-30A-1      Theft--Violation.
22-30A-2      Transfer of another's property as theft.
22-30A-2.1      Repealed.
22-30A-3      Theft by deception.
22-30A-3.1 to 22-30A-3.3. Transferred.
22-30A-4      Theft by threat.
22-30A-5      Repealed.
22-30A-6      Theft of lost or mislaid property.
22-30A-7      Receiving stolen property.
22-30A-8      Obtaining property or services without paying.
22-30A-8.1      Obtaining property or services with false debit or credit card.
22-30A-8.2 to 22-30A-8.5. Transferred.
22-30A-9      Diverting services of another.
22-30A-10      Embezzlement of property received in trust.
22-30A-10.1      Return of stolen property considered in mitigation of punishment--Return not a defense.
22-30A-11      Disqualification from public office.
22-30A-12      Unauthorized operation of vehicle or vessel as misdemeanor.
22-30A-13      Theft by conversion of rented personalty after notice of termination.
22-30A-14      Affirmative defense to conversion of leased or rented personalty.
22-30A-15      Theft as single offense incorporating previous separate offenses--Terms used in alleging theft.
22-30A-16      Ignorance and honest claim of right as affirmative defenses to theft.
22-30A-17      Grand theft--Felony.
22-30A-17.1      Aggravated grand theft--Felony.
22-30A-17.2      Petty theft in the first degree--Misdemeanor.
22-30A-17.3      Petty theft in the second degree--Misdemeanor.
22-30A-18      Aggregation of related thefts to determine degree of offense.
22-30A-19      Repealed.
22-30A-19.1      Liability of shoplifter to owner or seller--Penalty.
22-30A-19.2      Detention of suspected shoplifter--Reasonableness--Grounds.
22-30A-19.3      Demand for payment by victim of retail theft.
22-30A-19.4      Failure to pay liability for theft--Penalty doubled.
22-30A-20      Unauthorized possession of federal Department of Agriculture commodities transferred to state.
22-30A-21      Law enforcement officer retaining seized property as theft.
22-30A-22, 22-30A-23. Repealed.
22-30A-24      Theft by insufficient funds check--Degrees according to amount--Aggregation of checks.
22-30A-25      Theft by no account check--Degrees according to amount--Aggregation of checks.
22-30A-26      Return of property or payment of check and the costs and expenses prohibits criminal prosecution.
22-30A-27      Passing insufficient funds check as prima facie evidence of knowledge of insufficiency.
22-30A-28      Goods, services, taxes, and other obligations as present consideration.
22-30A-29      Postdated check not in violation.
22-30A-30      Prosecution for passing check against insufficient funds--Establishment of probable cause-Testimony of official not necessary.
22-30A-31      Passing check as prima facie evidence.
22-30A-32      Notice of dishonor required before prosecution for theft by insufficient funds--Check or theft by no account check--Presumption of service--Waiting period.
22-30A-33      Additional civil penalty for failure to pay amount of check and fees and costs--Prosecution.
22-30A-34      Contents of notice of dishonor.
22-30A-35      Proof of notice not required--Payment of check, costs, and expenses bar to prosecution.
22-30A-36      Limitation of theft by insufficient funds check and theft by no account check prosecutions.
22-30A-37      Circumstances under which maker, drawer, or issuer not criminally or civilly liable for damages and costs.
22-30A-38      Combination of instruments--Court.
22-30A-39      Alteration or removal of serial number--Possession of property with altered serial number--Felony.
22-30A-40      Liability for cost of motor fuel received--Service charge.
22-30A-41      Request for vehicle owner information--Format and content--Response by law enforcement.
22-30A-42      Demand for payment from motor vehicle owner for motor fuel received--Content of notice.
22-30A-43      Payment or dispute of claim--Court action--Service charge and expenses .
22-30A-44      Criminal action prohibited if retailer receives payment or court award.
22-30A-45      Public official defined.
22-30A-46      Public official's use of public funds for official's financial benefit as theft.

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