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34-11A-1      Petition by voters or resolution by county commissioners for establishment of district.
34-11A-2      Requirement for inclusion of municipality in district.
34-11A-3      Contents of petition or resolution.
34-11A-4      Certification of petition--Designation of time and place for hearing.
34-11A-5      Two or more counties in proposed district--Procedure.
34-11A-6      Notice of hearing.
34-11A-7      Conduct of hearing--Order and filing of determination.
34-11A-8      Conduct of election.
34-11A-9 to 34-11A-11.      Repealed.
34-11A-12      Board of directors--Election--Certain persons ineligible.
34-11A-13      Board of directors--Meeting to elect officers.
34-11A-14      Terms of directors and officers--Compensation of ambulance district director.
34-11A-15      District constitutes body politic and corporate.
34-11A-16      General powers of directors.
34-11A-17      Contracts with other districts or agencies authorized.
34-11A-18      Annual estimate and certification of expenses--Source of payment.
34-11A-19      Estimate certified--Date.
34-11A-20      Tax levy--Limitations--Exemption of district from general county levy for ambulance service.
34-11A-21      Tax levy and special assessment--Collection.
34-11A-22      Tax levy and special assessment--Deposit--Bond of secretary-treasurer.
34-11A-23      Tax exempt organizations--Assessment of property--Annual statement of payments.
34-11A-24      Limitation on indebtedness--Power to borrow money.
34-11A-25      Deposit of funds--Warrant for disbursement.
34-11A-26      Claim vouchers.
34-11A-27      Examination of financial reports of secretary-treasurer.
34-11A-28      Change of district boundaries.
34-11A-29      Annual and special meetings of voters--Annual election--Notice of election.
34-11A-30      Report of secretary-treasurer.
34-11A-31      Capital outlay fund established--Uses.
34-11A-32      Tax levy for capital outlay fund.
34-11A-33      Public hearing required for certain expenditures of capital outlay fund.
34-11A-34      Deferred compensation program for volunteer advanced life support personnel.

Title 34
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